Female fat loss

  1. Female fat loss

    Can anyone give me any suggestions ? My wife has been inspired by my recent fat loss and wishes to loose fat herself . What kind of suuplements do you recomend for her . She is about 5'8" and won't tell me her weight . She has been out of the gym for a while and not really that active . Also what kind of carb/protein amount should she be taking in ?

  2. I use the Levi Reloaded and DCP stack. Throw in fish oil and maybe green tea and she should be good.

    As far as the diet. I eat good carbs like sweet potatoes, oatmeal mixed with a scoop of chocolate prtein powder and a tablespoon of Natty Peanut butter mixed together. Brocolli and aspargus are good. And lean protein like tilapia, tuna, chicken.

    My trainer wants me on 6 meals a day with 20 grams of protein a meal, I weigh 122lb. So 1 gram of protein for every 1lb she weighs.

    Drink plenty of water, use weight training to put on muscle. Which burns fat at a resting rate.

    Cardio until she drops to a weight she is comfortable with. But weight training definitly.

  3. Hey thanks for the info . I havn't done alot a research on female fitness . I do know that the female body reacts completely different than male and I didn't want to lead her astray .

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