Newbies - read this first!

  1. Newbies - read this first!

    Common Fitness Myths

    Myth 1. If you want to get lean, you should focus all of your attention on cardio and/or do high reps/low weight.

    Wrong as weight training will help you retain the muscle you currently have and help prevent your BMR (basal metabolic rate) from slowing down. You want to keep lifting the same weights in order to maintain your strength, so that you don't lose that muscle you worked so hard for. [Note - Sometimes higher reps/lower weight are used for specific purposes, eg. a depletion workout within a carb-cycling plan]

    Myth 2. Abdominal muscle require daily training with high reps.

    If you want well defined abdominals work them at most twice a week with weights. Cable crunches and weighted swiss ball crunches are great. To maximize the effectiveness of crunches, do NOT relax your abs through the negative portion of the lift, and pause at maximum contraction.

    Myth 3. Getting a toned look involves using those little pink dumbbells.

    Firstly, to see muscle tone, you have to have a good base to start with. Lifting weights can give you this base. There is NO fear of getting huge, as women don't have the testosterone levels of men. You can stop increasing weights when you are happy with the amount of muscle you have.

    After you have the base, you will have to lower your bodyfat to see that muscle. This can be done with cardio and diet.

    Common Pitfalls

    1. Relying too much on the scale.
    Bodyweight changes in response to food, sodium intake, and water intake. For females, there can also be a large increase in bodyweight due to water retention during the menstrual cycle. When you begin a weightlifting routine, within the first few months you may gain several pounds due to increased glycogen and water storage of the muscles. Muscle is more dense than fat, so 1 lb of muscle takes up space than 1 lb of fat. This means you can weigh more and still be leaner. Remember, it is fat loss that is important, not weight loss (as weight includes muscle).

    I find the scale is a decent tool for those who have a lot of weight to lose, as they typically will lose fat faster than they can gain muscle. However, if you are closer to your optimal bodyweight, it will become more important to go by how your clothes fit, and how you look in the mirror. You can also take measurements with a measuring tape. I can tell I am losing fat by tracking my waist, butt, and thigh measurements.

    2. Unrealistic Goals/Expectations
    Set your short term goals realistically. For fat loss, you shouldn't expect to lose more than 1% of your bodyweight per week. For lean body mass gain, a newbie can gain about 1 lb per week. An intermediate lifter can gain about 2 lbs per month.

    3. All or nothing approach
    If you've went outside of your diet, or missed a training day, dust yourself off, and pick up where you left off. Try not to dwell on it. The quicker you get back on track, the better off you will be. 1 cookie eaten does not mean you have failed.

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  2. I think it also depends on how your diet matches with your training. E.g, if you're doing a depletion workout and on low carbs then it would be worthwhile doing higher reps with low weight.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by asianbabe View Post
    I think it also depends on how your diet matches with your training. E.g, if you're doing a depletion workout and on low carbs then it would be worthwhile doing higher reps with low weight.
    Definitely! Thanks AB

  4. Good to see you helping out over here terra!

  5. Sweet. A good ref. I be newbie and I'll make sure I go over that stuff.

  6. runnnn

    whats your advice for long distance run, i anaverge of 2 - 3 hours a day spread out, I'm lookign to run more solid and longer without tiring out, any advice?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by terracotta View Post

    Myth 3. Getting a toned look involves using those little pink dumbbells.

    There is NO fear of getting huge,

    Sorry if this is an estrogen only zone but i thought this was a great write up.

    Its nice to see girls helping each other. Maybe im jaded, because of the area i now live in, but most of my friends who are girls are less than kind to one another. Especially when it's a friend whose not in shape.

  8. Sounds good... thanks!

  9. thanks for this post. this will be helpful to newbies like me

  10. Thank you for the info it was helpful.

  11. helpful info!!!

  12. I'd say the single most important thing is diet. You can train super hard but you won't be seeing the best possible results if your diet isn't on point!

  13. Great post! An "iifym" myth buster should be up there, too. Sure, you can cheat the diet for a while and get decent results, but why start the bad habit? Women who want flat stomachs and toned arms aren't going to get it off a sugar-loaded diet. And I loved your comment about natural cycles affecting water retention. Just don't use your naturally "fluffy" week to over-glycogen! Haha. Remember, sugar affects estrogen and testosterone balance.

  14. Thanks
    Take care of your body it's the only place you have to live!

  15. Simple is best! trying to not overthink is a kind of training in itself.

  16. New to the site! Excited to learn from other girls in the fitness world!

  17. I'm new here. Thanks for the post!! I started my journey in the gym September 4th so I'm a new-newbie. I feel blessed to have learned all of the above prior to starting. It's been a massive help and the results have kept me motivated.

  18. New here thanks for the info


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