Help! At a standstill

  1. Help! At a standstill

    I work out 7 days a week and eat super healthy, follow my macros to a t. I work with an amazing trainer doing mostly intense weight training. I have lean muscle everywhere except my stomach. I got the lines on the sides like it was ready to go away but I've been at a standstill since. Any advice would be really appreciated. I'm fairly new to this lifestyle and have been working my ass off, just trying to get some different opinions and motivation. Thanks!

  2. Make sure you incorporate enough fat to support your endocrine metabolism.

    Also, the right sources of fat are important.

    Carbs at the right times, usually morning or couple of hours before training and after training when your insulin levels are higher. I run 100-150 gm/day and 85-100 on low days.

    No carbs in the evening and incorporate low glycemic index carbs: oatmeal, nuts, crucíferos vegetables etc.

    Watch your total carb intake, sub lower carb intake with protein. And I don't go hungry that way. Once you achieve the proper cortisol/leptin balance you will be less hungry.

    Snack, will help prevent your metabolism from slowing down.

    These are the changes that worked for me.

    Good luck mate.

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