MAX OT training?

  1. MAX OT training?

    Has anyone thought about using Max OT strength training? I just watched a documentary of a guy who got ripped using it. It's called I Want to Look Like That Guy. I hear they are making a sequel too. Jeff Willet used MAX OT and became the best natural bodybuilder of all time. Anyway has anyone here used MAX OT training?

  2. Subbed for info, was literally going to follow a max OT programme after I'm finished the PPL one in doing

  3. Max OT was the first real program I ever followed. I really enjoyed it. I saw really good strength gains and some decent gains in overall size. If you are used to a lot of volume, this can be a difficult program to follow. However, do not add more volume. It is lower for a reason.

    Recovery can be an issue for some following this for the first time. With that in mind, I was suggest supplementing with an ergogenic aid such as PowerMax XT. PowerMax XT contains fully dosed ergogenic ingredients that work with each other to boost performance, body composition, but most importantly for this program, recovery. A full dose of l-alanyl l-glutamine combined with the creatine will enhance recovery so you can hit those low rep heavy weights every week.
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