Gyms and memberships

  1. Gyms and memberships

    some of us are lucky enough to have our own fitness center at work or at home, but I created this thread for those of us who dont.

    Do you use a gym? Is it crowded? A good deal? good hours? Does yours have a good range of equipment? Gyms should be promoting their membership deals this time of year, so speak up if you hear something!! Usualy the national chains have the same offers nationwide or close to it. I also pay attention to the hours and cost of Kids Areas at gyms so my son has somewhere to play.

    If its a local gym, say which one is promoting and which city. Not just the city but location is real important when picking a place, as we all know.

  2. not really crowded, open 24/7, has a good amount of equipment to use, and best of all it is only $100 per year.

    Its not a bad drive either, I'd say around 15 minutes. There are a few local gyms that are alot closer, but they cost around $350 per year. I think I'll keep driving.......

  3. wow thats awesome. I just use my current gym because its close to home. Its like 300/year. Its not overly crowded, but it can get crowded for the after work crowd. I like hole in the wall gyms that have all the essentials, but nothing fancy. I don't like the commercial gyms that are as big as sports arenas, I get dizzy just walking in. Some competitors use my gym, but a lot of senior citizens seem to be joining. They come in, put weight on a machine, and then stand there sipping coffee for an half hour between sets...highly annoying. I think I want to join a gym that is more competition geared, where I could get sound advice and feel at home.

  4. i used to go to the gym at my college, but now that im on winter break I got a membership at a local gym. its a big switch where the college gym is bright and new shiny equipment and this new gym is dark with older weights, chalk on the floor. but the motivation there is so much better. i didnt realize how much of a joke my colleges gym was till i got into the one im in now. ill take the hole in the wall any day

  5. I signed a 2 year contract with Gold's and paid it off in 4 months of $143. It was a good location and not too busy, then they bought out an **** just down the street and moved. Now any hour of the day its packed with people because they took over all of the **** memberships too. It sucks bad, there are no hole-in-the-wall gyms around my parts. Wish there were.

  6. I belong to a place where it is typical an over 60 crowd, who are just there to talk and socialize. It is relatively inexpensive due to my job. I get the teacher discount of $250 per year
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  7. got a membership at 24 hour fitness last year. Paid like $450 for 3 years, then like $25 a year after that. Only 2 mins from my house and never crowded

  8. My favorite gym in London is Muscleworks.

    Old School, 2 floors, nothing pretty just hardcore.

    Check out the Virtual Tour...

  9. I like going to different gyms

    we have three here and I ve been switching them up every couple year or year.

    Recently I moved away and trained at many gym's . Since I returned back home , recently , every couple months I just whatever gym that is just best for me.

    Example one gym has a 32-33 inch Dip bar(Great for chest recommended by Vince Gironda)The others does not

    One gym has up to 115 Db's. AMJUNE50 50 % off

    Great Physique fitness, facebook, online consultations


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