Max Ot Training!

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  1. Max Ot Training!

    Ive been doing this program for the past 6 weeks and have been making some of the biggest gains as far as strenght and muscle gains that ive seen in quite a long time! Give it a shot and see what happens!

    if it asks for a username/password then put this in:

    Username: Blindfaith

    Password: dave


  2. Thanks bro, im more than likely gonna give it a try

  3. I tried this program....its good....I got good gains while on it...its geared more for beginners....but, hey the simple stuff always works.


    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  4. I would'nt exactly go as far as calling this program a beginners program...the body for life program is for beginners.

    Ive been lifting for 7 years and i find this program very challanging...and most of all im getting great results from it...something a beginners program would not do!


  5. Thanks for sharing!

    I'm currently in my off season and I was just getting ready to start my heavy lifting schedule to get ready for the 2003 season. This is something I'm looking forward to. Hopefully, I'll see the good gains in strength and muscle that you have.

    I'll be starting this program on Monday.

    Once again, thanks Blindfaith.

  6. good luck brotha! keep us posted on your gains and progress

  7. Max-ot is a very good routine. Its not a begginer routine at all.

  8. I will also be starting on monday !

  9. Originally posted by Blindfaith
    good luck brotha! keep us posted on your gains and progress

    I certainly will.

  10. This program is far, far cry from a Beginner's program. If one is applying the principles of Max-OT training, and specifically training with the intensity and overload necessary and suggested, then one is quite advanced in their training. Of course the lifts and the resounding principles sound basic...but guess what? That's exactly what builds MAXIMUM muscle and strength. It's not supersets, giant sets, drop sets, 15-rep sets, 30 sets per bodypart, foo-foo isolation exercises, etc. The latter may build some muscle, but I know I'm not about wasting my time on building some muscle. I guarantee that applying these principles, one will encounter some of the greatest muscle and strength gains. Now, some tweaking may be in order with bodypart frequency and pairing, training frequency, training volume and slightly with rep schemes (for example, I find that I train better with 8RM loads than 4 or 6RM...but I wouldn't suggest higher than 8), but that's part of the process anyhow. I would like to hear more on others experiences with this vehicle of building a bigger, better and stronger body.

  11. Is this program adviseable on a ph cycle, with it's lack of volume?

  12. As Timbo said, some tinkering may be in order with regards to bodypart frequency, training frequency, what have you, so I'd think a slightly modified version would be the way to go if you are working with the benefits of PH and are able to repair faster. Never done it myself, though I am a big believer in instinctive training. If you be feelin less stress cause you be pumpin hormones, increase the loads ya know? Volume training works so well for so many users though, I'd probably try that first
  13. Max OT while doing PHs?

    I have been looking at the Max OT workout program, but I'm just about to start a cycle of ONE and am thinking that while on that I want to work each muscle group more than once a week. I'm thinking that the 1-test will allow for faster recovery and so I'm thinkin' that I'd not be getting the most of it if I was doing Max OT while on the cycle. Anybody have any opinions as to whether that makes sense or not?

  14. BF man hows this going for you? You still doing it? I think I might start this. Looks good


  15. yeah thanks bro for sharing the username/pass thats cool as hell.. im gonna read up on it in a lil bit

  16. I LOVE Max OT training. It works awesome. Ive put on more strength with this than any other routine. Of course, if you use it all the time, youll stagnate. Usually, we'll have our regular higher-volume routines that we'll make great gains with, and as soon as I can feel a plateau comming we switch to maxOT. I dont think Ive ever hit a 'real' plateu doing things this way...

    As for while on cycle, Ive incorporated some of the MaxOT stuff...our first exercise is a compound power movement, done MaxOT style but with 6 sets instead of 3. (plus the 3 warm up) The rest of the routine is balls to the wall intensity, 90 seconds between sets,etc. Been working great so far Ive gained 10lbs, 10 days into T1.


  17. damn... 10lbs in 10 days.....isn't that some kind of record. I am going to incorporate some of the max ot style lifting into my current workout. I will have to adjust it according to my schedule, but I am looking forward to was my off


  18. MaxOT helped me get my bench from 195 to 225 last year in about 4 weeks, and helped me get my dumbell shoulder presses from 60's to 70's in about 3 weeks about 6 months ago.

    I like to use it to get the poundages up, and the switch to a 10,8,6,4 or 10,8,6,6 style routine with the newly aquired heavy weight. I think the higher rep/more intense routines definately help with the whole hypertrophy issue, and help build more quality muscle. Of course, if you're not going heavy, you're just wasting time, and MaxOT definately helps you get there. The cycling of the routines also keeps your body guessing!


  19. What kinda results did you fellas who started the routine after blindfaith see? Dr. Golf? Txwakeskater?

  20. Hey Guys, I read up on it and employ some of its techniques as most would, but here is my main question:

    It doesn't address the difference in training fast vs slow twich muscle fibers,

    ie: i train quads, hams, back, calves with higher rep ranges, quads 20-30 reps per set; with chest/shoulders...5-8 per set

    what do you guys think???

  21. Legs definately do need more volume - but they also need heavy ass weight. I mean, if you're a freak and can squat 315 for 30, then by all means keep doing it...
    I train with a weight I can get for 10 reps, and then work it up to sets of 15 reps, then increase the weight.


  22. While ON definitely add more volume , but if you aren't on a cycle by no means I think you should add more volume into your legs workouts, specially compound exercises such as SQUAT as long as you hit them hard, by hard i mean in the 4-8 rep range, better to avoid overtraining than setting yourself back and possibly injury yourself.

  23. Wow I remember using this program about 3 years ago, it's a great program, and nothing close to "beginner" I've even gone as far as to create some routines for clients using tidbits of the Max-OT principals and routines. Anyone trying it keep us posted on results. Btw, this is my first post here on these boards. It was recommended by a guy I work with. I look forward to sharing knowledge, as well as aquiring some too

  24. Originally posted by SUPAJAwS1
    What kinda results did you fellas who started the routine after blindfaith see? Dr. Golf? Txwakeskater?

    Sorry for the late reply, I've been on the road.

    As for results, I had to discontinue the program after 2 months due to my golf schedule, but I did see some good results during that brief time. I WILL definitely be going back on the Max OT routine when I finish for the season, sometime around the end of October or early November.

  25. i used a very similar routine last summer, it sure works. most people overtrain anyway, so this is why they usually see gains on such a program.

    as for squatting, i haven't done more than 10 reps per set since last year (usually less than 7 except for GVT). when i haven't been on the dl it works wonders for me.

    cheers, pete


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