Sleep deprivations 2x per week

  1. Sleep deprivations 2x per week

    Here's the deal for myself this semester... I've taken up a residence hall security job where I will stand watch from around 8pm to 3am.

    This will really mess up my sleep schedule, as Monday through Friday I'm on the complete opposite schedule.

    Monday through Friday, I usually hit the rack around 10pm and I'm up 5am.
    Saturday and Sunday, with this new job, I won't be in the rack until ~3:30am...

    Obviously, this will not be a pleasant experience. But is it truely that counterproductive would you say? If it really is, I may consider dropping the entire thing. It definitly is a drastic change in sleeping patterns, and it's not like its once in a while. I can definitly put up with a lot worse, but I don't want to miss a beat in the gym or on the track because of this.


  2. I have a similar problem. 3 nights a week I work security at a night club, and my day job mon-fri is from 10a-6p. The nights I work security I don't get to bed until about 3a. Tuesday happens to be one of nights I work at the club so I don't get a full night of sleep before work. So on Wednesday when I get off work I usually take about a 2 hour nap before hitting the weights. It doesn't really affect my lifting as long as get a total of 8h of sleep per day.

  3. I would say try it and just don't let it overwelm you. Don't get to beat up on missing 1 or 2 days lifting if sleep is replacing it. You'll adjust. Only tips i have are.
    MAke sure WHEN you eat, casue you will need to at those hours. Make it a custom shake. Berries, yougurt, PB, banana you know somehtin for abit of energy. Your body is used o sleeping at those hours so if you're up its goin to be digesting a bit quicker, in theory.
    Don't rely on stims, not sure if you use any now but don't. This will make things worse especially if not timed right, to late and when you're tryin to sleep it won't happen.

  4. Thanks for the replies guys... reassuring info and nice to read. I really want to crank out the training in the coming year, so this was definitly worrying me. Sounds like it's really not that big of a deal though.
    Valuable info from both of you, thanks!

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