A warm welcome to Iron Addict and Doggcrapp

  1. A warm welcome to Iron Addict and Doggcrapp

    Iron Addict joined us a few days ago, and I have seen in my member list that Doggcrapp has joined us as well. I would like all you bros to give these guys a warm welcome. Both are mainly from Animals forum, and both offer a WEALTH of training and nutritional information. We are extremely fortunate to have them here, so pull up your chairs, and listen well, because both can provide you information to kick your training to the next level!!

    For myself, I have incorporated many of DCs and IAs training theroies into my own program, and I am currently trying DCs "cruise" theroy on anabolic use. Therefore, I personally am glad to see them here, I don't even have to leave home now to get their knowledge.

    Welcome guys!

  2. I second that welcome, Wardog.. welcome aboard gentlemen!!

  3. Welcome to the bro's. I hope you enjoy Anabolic Minds. Thank you for the contributions.

  4. Both of your reputations precede you. That aside, if Wardog rolls out the red carpet, I'm working the velvet ropes. Welcome gentlemen.

  5. Much respect. Thanks for being here! Welcome!

  6. Two of the best at Anabolicminds.com!!! Damn I am excited!

  7. Glad to see them over here. Welcome fellas I'm looking forward to reading some good info. Later J

  8. Great to see you guys here! I'm looking forward to anything you guys throw our way!

  9. wow..all the info that's already here and these guys added on top..should this be legal??welcome to AM

  10. Originally posted by motleybreu
    should this be legal??
    I checked, it's definitely not welcome fellas, awesome to have you here!

  11. Happy to see both of you guys here. You're the only reason I visit animal so it will be great to have you here also.

  12. awesome to see both of you here. as was mentioned before, your reputations precede you.

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  13. I had been seeing these guys around recently and it seems they know what they're talking about. Glad to have you both, welcome. Always willing to learn from those who spread knowledge.


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