Extreme Stretching

  1. Extreme Stretching

    Who does this ? Please explain if you feel it works. Id like to find vids showing the technique, its sounds too painful, although I like seeing people in pain

  2. I has to do with making micro tares in muscle tissue.. and allowing for streatching to open/increase the size of these perferieations to allow for greater nutrient uptake.. also streatch the casing of the muscle fibers t oallow (or promote/encurrage) growth.

    It's also a great excuse to park yourself somewhere with a great view for a while when your done lifting,.. but not yet ready to leave (for whatever reason)

  3. I've heard about this briefly, is this the doggcrap idea?

    does anone have any detailed descriptions of the stretches?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by FitnFirm View Post
    Who does this ? Please explain if you feel it works. Id like to find vids showing the technique, its sounds too painful, although I like seeing people in pain
    If your talking about DC stretching witch is pretty much the same thing, I would highly recommend doing these stretches. When i first started doing these stretches i noticed a significant change in my muscularity. Muscles looked fuller and larger. Painful???
    Oh yea, be ready for some intense pain. I think its well worth it though.

    DC Streches

    Theres the link for some pics that show the DC stretches.

  5. I used it when I briefly tried DC and it was very painful but it seemed to work.

  6. I don't use a DC style training program, but I do use the extreme stretching to help the fascia increase elasticity. Flexibility is very important to me and since I started do this, I don't get tendinitis in my elbows from BJJ. I also feel as though it gives the muscle a more shapely look to it and increases my recovery because of the increased bloodflow.

  7. I do this but not nearly enough..because it hoits too baaad. lol

    Seriously, it can make you cry, but IMO it's about the only way to really get a serious lifter stretched out properly. I cannot even get into many yoga positions anymore so that is out. The forced pec stretching really produces some visible results in a short time. Opening the chest and shoulders is probably the single best thing a competitor can do.

    FnF can probably handle it fine. Women have greater pain tolerance for this kind of thing.

  8. You guys know of any good links explaining the details of this stuff. I've heard of it, but am now getting intrigued...

    I can always google it, but was looking for any of the above poster's favorites.

  9. There's a thread in archives entitled the Dog Crapp Method or DC method..somewhere. It goes into his methods for cycling, training and eating but also has a section describing his forced stretching routine which is godawful and inhumane. lol


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