Tendonitis is healing... Question...

  1. Tendonitis is healing... Question...

    I've been out of the gym since early November because of tendonitis in my left upper forearm. I've been testing out curls with 25lbs all the while and it feels like I'll have no pain in another 2 to 4 weeks.

    After the pain is gone - how long should I wait before lifting for real again?

    In other words.. Should I go light for awhile? Or would doing nothing at all be better?
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  2. i would say go light so you can start getting back into it. but really light. i have had joint problems with my arms for 3 years. i always give them time to chill out and then start slow again.

  3. Thank you. I was thinking about training around biceps completely - and only working them during pull movements in back workouts. For one reason or another, the pain is mainly felt while lowering the weight - and maybe very, very little while lifting up.. However, I can do lat pulldowns, seated rows, t-bar and stuff like that without a problem...

    In that case - what would you do?

    I've just stayed away from weights entirely because I figured with my clumbsy luck, I'd do something to make things worse. I'm dying to get back in the gym but I don't want to prolong this injury.

    I'd love to start lifting light curls again but do you think I'm good with the "pulls" for now and just go back to curls later?

    Thanks again...

  4. im not a doctor so i dont want to give you bad info and you hurt yourself but i would workout everything that doesn`t hurt. your body will repair its self. you just take it easy and keep at it in the gym.

  5. I've been dealing with my arm issues for a long time now and I'm just now able to get back and hit the weights, all be it on the lighter side.

    My suggestion....go light and higher reps.

    No sense in hurting yourself again and having to take more time off. Just wish I would have followed this advise back when I originally hurt myself.



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