So due to time and financial constraints im going to be working out at home for awhile and i have pretty limited equipment. I can do push ups, dips, chin/pull ups and maybe something for shoulders like dumbbell presses or raises. What i was thinking about doing was an EDT style training but doing one 15 minute session in the morning and one at night. Would look something like this....

day 1. am push ups
pm pull ups

day 2 am shoulders
pm chin ups

day 3 off

day 4 am dips
pm pushups

and so get the point. Basically 2 on 1 off and rotating excersices. I was figuring by doing things twice a day i could take advantage of the "anabolic window" twice a day and by doing only one 15 minute session at a time i could do it with out over training. I realize that im totally skipping legs but at this point im ok with that. My legs have always been pretty big and it shouldnt be too long before i cant get back to squats and deadlifts and all that. So anyway i guess im just looking for some opinions on my idea. You guys think i can make good gains? And not over train?