Dinosaur Bodyweight Training

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  1. Exclamation Dinosaur Bodyweight Training

    Anyone into bodyweight exercises? After a loooong time searching, I finally acquired the Dinosaur Bodyweight Training book by Brooks Kubik.

    207 pages, about 63 pages into it so far. Good information as well as exercise descriptions with pictures showing examples of the exercises.

    Here's the description from his site: Bodyweight Dinosaur Training - Lost Secrets of Strength and Development

    I also have the "Dinosaur Training Notebook" which is a 100pages for dl too. It's about 8.5 megs.

    Both are pdf files.

    Sharing the wealth with the bros

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    or PM me the link

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    Could you either email it to me angelblood187 @ hotmail.com

    or PM me the link

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    Enjoy boys!

  16. Good stuff, gotten threw 1 of the books and well into the bodyweight trainning now.

    He has some intresting things about muscle-mind connection and notes alot of things many of us(espically me) Forgets about the true fondation of working out.

    Thanks man, great read.

    I'll write a further review once i finish the second book.


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