Dinosaur Bodyweight Training

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  1. Student - Christmas present?

    Can you please send it to: [email protected]

    Thank you so very much!

  2. Looks really interesting! Could you send it to me too please? Thanks in advance!

    [email protected]

  3. Sorry been busy..I'll try and get all out this evening..

  4. Would you mind sending a copy to *edit* Thanks.

  5. Hook it up bro!
    badass email addy huh!!


  6. Sorry for the delay folks - link sent to everyone up to this point.


  7. Np - btw, I suggest all of you remove your email addy's from this thread (to reduce the risk of spam..)

  8. [email protected]

    cheers bro, merry xmas! my grandpa died xmas eve, i need a read for the flight, thanks again.

  9. sorry to hear of your loss

  10. This evening boys.. gimme a few hrs..

  11. Can you send link to [email protected] Y?
    Thanks bro for offering all of this info.

  12. Can I get a copy too if you get a chance?
    [email protected]

  13. Sent out to everyone up to this point (including requests emailed to me directly)

    Sorry for the delay & enjoy.

  14. Could you send me both pdf's too? [email protected]

    I just got done reading the original "Dinosaur training" and would love to see this stuff!

  15. Me too please!

    [email protected] -any idea what file sharing networks it might be on? Might save you the trouble chucking it on edonkey or something.

    I'm curious how much of the Matt Furey kool-aide ole Brooks has been drinking. Also, has anyone noticed that doggcrapp training is a lot like Dinosaur training?
  16. Thanks Y2Jversion

    Y2J has been doing a great thing for everybody. The dino-bodyweight course is great, I couldn't/wouldn't pay $197+ for it, but it does explore almost limitless possibilities from where I thought I could no longer train due to nagging injuries.

    Thanks again Y2J.

    P.S-I read in the course there is also Brook Kubik's diet also. Does anyone have that?

  17. Hey. Long time reader here. Could you send one to me also if you have the time? [email protected]

    I've been looking for a new workout regime. Thanks man.

  18. Can i have a copy of them
    [email protected]


  19. Id like it too please!!! Time to get big!

    [email protected]

  20. Could you send me both PDF copies, please.

    Thanks. [email protected]

  21. can you send me a copy of both too?

    thanks in advanced!!!

  22. Could you send me copies too [email protected]

  23. hey...i would love to get copies of both of these. Either from the original poster or from any of you guys who have already received it. [email protected] Thanks!!!


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