Dinosaur Bodyweight Training

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  1. This evening boys.. gimme a few hrs..


  2. Sent out to everyone up to this point (including requests emailed to me directly)

    Sorry for the delay & enjoy.

  3. Thanks Y2Jversion

    Y2J has been doing a great thing for everybody. The dino-bodyweight course is great, I couldn't/wouldn't pay $197+ for it, but it does explore almost limitless possibilities from where I thought I could no longer train due to nagging injuries.

    Thanks again Y2J.

    P.S-I read in the course there is also Brook Kubik's diet also. Does anyone have that?

  4. can you send me a copy of both too?

    thanks in advanced!!!

  5. bump!! anybody who got this (and reads this!) wanna pleeeeaaassseee send me copies!?!?

  6. ...
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  7. I would really appreciate a copy as well.

    Thank You

  8. Sorry guys, been busy..i'll try and get these all out by tonight!

  9. Sent out to everyone up to this point. Enjoy!

  10. Thanks Y2J! Highly appreciated!

  11. Thanks a lot !!!


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