Dinosaur Bodyweight Training

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  1. Sorry been busy..I'll try and get all out this evening..

  2. Would you mind sending a copy to *edit* Thanks.

  3. Hook it up bro!
    badass email addy huh!!


  4. Sorry for the delay folks - link sent to everyone up to this point.


  5. Np - btw, I suggest all of you remove your email addy's from this thread (to reduce the risk of spam..)

  6. sorry to hear of your loss

  7. This evening boys.. gimme a few hrs..

  8. Sent out to everyone up to this point (including requests emailed to me directly)

    Sorry for the delay & enjoy.
  9. Thanks Y2Jversion

    Y2J has been doing a great thing for everybody. The dino-bodyweight course is great, I couldn't/wouldn't pay $197+ for it, but it does explore almost limitless possibilities from where I thought I could no longer train due to nagging injuries.

    Thanks again Y2J.

    P.S-I read in the course there is also Brook Kubik's diet also. Does anyone have that?

  10. can you send me a copy of both too?

    thanks in advanced!!!


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