Training at night?

  1. Training at night?

    Anyone work out at night? I have been having a rough time waking up lately to train, and missing a bunch of days because of it. I am thinking about working out at night. Mabey at like 9 or 10pm..

    Just worried about taking my PWO carbs that late.

    I wonder if my gym will be settled down by 9 or 10pm..

  2. workout whatever time you can, and taking carbs that late wont amtter that much

  3. The TOD of your workouts shouldn't worry you. Whatever is most convenient for your scheduale is the best play.

    As far as carbs at night, you still ain't heard? ****...

    j/k: CHO timing is important upon rising and then bracketed around periods of physical (and smaller doses for mental) activity or stress.

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