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    I started doing jumping jacks on a stability ball (bosu)

    Def feel it in my core. I fell several times though and may have possibly broken my ankle. No pain no gain i guess.

  2. Close grip and reverse grip bench with dumbbells, try these out and vary the angles to fry your triceps, i don't use a completely full range on these do 3/4 and keep it in the "sweet spot". Close grip is relative you can do shoulder width neutral grip or as i like to do the cg with the dumbells twisted at a 45 degree angle kind of like i'd be doing the press with a cambered bar, also don't be neurotic about keeping your elbows tucked if it feels more comfortable to let them out a little then do it. Both are great for some extra chest

  3. Offset dumbbell curls, Dante has mentioned them on intensemuscle, you do a curl either supinated or hammer transitioning to supinated with your thumb and forefinger right up against the side of the dumbbell. The whole i idea here is your biceps has to curl (flexion) and supinate (twist up), with your hand right over to one side of the dumbbell supinating or mainting supination is WAY harder , your biceps will get FRIED and painfully pumped from this one.

    Crippler curls: curls with your wrist bent back, personally I use 25lbs plates with the handle cut outs and use them as a widow maker, huge pump from these.

    Wrist down reverse curls: similar to what i do above i use a a plate right no a 25lb plate and do a reverse curl with my wrist bent down, i find this hammers bi's a little harder then a standard reverse curl, try out it, tell me what you think.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by CHAPS View Post
    Miss me? lol
    Nope, just missed living vicariously through the infamous CHAPS threads of conquest.
    The Historic PES Legend

  5. Took a long needed break, but you'll see me around more often now

  6. Kettlebell Halo with an axe chop. Got that from someone on this forum a long time a go and enjoy them


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