Cutting on Anabolics

  1. Cutting on Anabolics

    When you guys do cutting cycles on anabolics, Does your diet/routine change at all from any other cutting cycle? Do you eat around 500 calories under maintence? Are you able to get away with more cardio? Also I know its possible to add muscle and loss fat on anabolics, but would you have to eat closer to maintence for this to happen?

  2. You need to drop cals to below maintenance to cut effectively but for some, it is possilbe to lose body fat while gaining muscle. This is the testimony of many while using Fina. I think that by staying right at maintenance you could have a good chance, depending on your metabolism, to accomplish this as well while on some 1T/1, 4  or some 3 Alpha.

    In general however your diet and your routine (for many) does change while cutting. Many people add in small amounts of cardio as well to the routine when usually they do none.

  3. Nelson
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    I reduced BF% & added some muscle using ONE.
    Calories were about 200-300 below maintenance.
    I did cardio 3-4 times a week.
    It`s one thing to do it, but another to maintain gains in muscle & not increase BF during off-cycle.
    IMO off-cycle will make [email protected] it.

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