Staying Sore

  1. Staying Sore

    Alright guys, I wouldn't ask something like this unless I was truly dumbfounded as to why this is happening..So here it is..Some of you may know I injured my shoulder and have been back for about two months now..For the first two weeks I took it slow to get my body back into it, that kinda thing and progressively lifted heavy..But lately, for the last 2-3 weeks I have been staying sore for massive amounts of time..To give an example, I went to work my bi's/legs today and I haven't worked either since not thursday mar.24, but the one before that!..So, I did what any of us would do, take a week off, came back with lower sets, less days working out as I thought I was overtraining..Well that doesn't work either..My PreWO/PostWO is pretty standard 1 cup oats/2 scoops whey before and after..I am taking in around 450 protein/350-380 carbs and 4000-4200 on training days, 3500 on non-training days...I stretch after I am done working out...So, hit me with some knowledge guys, cause this is really starting to bug me....

  2. What type of injury did you sustain?

  3. so, 10 days between leg w/o's? if your advanced doing heavy weight emphasizing eccentric movements its possible. try following up next day with basicly a pump set to flush the muscle and speed recovery. is your whole body staying sore or just certain parts?

  4. My chiropractor swears that vit C will help with DOMS. I've never had a prob with it, so I've never tried it (or researched it for that matter). Might be something simple to try, won't hurt if it doesn't help.

    Good luck!

    I assume you mean DOMS, or is it the injured area that is sore/painful??

  5. some people do claim that it could help reduce cortisol levels (slightly)

  6. Quote Originally Posted by llb4
    so, 10 days between leg w/o's? if your advanced doing heavy weight emphasizing eccentric movements its possible. try following up next day with basicly a pump set to flush the muscle and speed recovery. is your whole body staying sore or just certain parts?
    I do a three day split, working every body part three times in 10 days using a TUT ratio of 5:1 ecc/con..Not a newb man, just looking for something I could have overlapped..And not 10 days between w/o's that's how long it has been sore for

  7. I have heard that too..The only other option I can imagine is taking another week off to do a reboot, and 're'-re-start...I think I possibly tried to push myself back to regular weights to fast and my CNS hasn't adapted to the reinduction of this stimulus..But yeah, I'll try the Vit-C..Keep the suggestions coming..

  8. I have never tried this but...

    I believe that I have read that L-Carnosine (available as a sterile injectible from one of the board sponsors) is supposed to help.

    Also, do you supplement with glutamine? 5-10g/day seems to help me with PEMS and DOMS.

    Hope this helps.....

  9. Ahhhhhh...I knew something was out of my sup mix..Glutamine, I haven't started taking that since I started again!!..That could be it, see that's what I was looking for, sometimes you're so involved in your own routine/regiment you overlook stuff..I'll have to go out and buy a tub

  10. Very glad I could help,

    Also, if your supplementing with creatine, my understanding is that it is best to take the two (creatine and glutamine) seperately (1.5-2 hours apart)......I believe they compete for absorbtion.

    Just a thought....

  11. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue. i would recommend using it periodically throughout the day on both workout and non-workout days. yet, any whey protein supplement should have plenty of glutamine in it already.. i use glutamine prior to bed, hoping for some sort of growth hormone promoting effects..vit-c 500mg before and after workouts is a good thought tho.

  12. Yeah, when it was part of my regime before I would split it up into about three doses a day....Any other suggestions that aren't 'run of the mill'...As I said, I'm not a newb, just looking for things I would have missed because I'm too involved, or overlooking....

  13. How long have you been out of action before the return? I know if I take time off it takes me a while before I am no longer sore. I noticed as I get older it takes longer and longer to be less sore. For example, when I was 21-24 I could come back from a long break and workout like a mad man and the DOMS would be gone in 2-3 days, tops. Now it takes sometimes a week or so to bounce back.

  14. I get DOMS every time that I cut. I do intense conditioning workouts and of course decrease my cals. So my recovery isn't the greatest. I have a mental illness which keeps me from taking time off

  15. Quote Originally Posted by SJA
    You know as well as I do that for every study touting the benifits of....well just about anything....there are an equal number saying that it's useless.

    I believe that if you do an HONEST evaluation of your own reaction to any substance you will find the answers that you seek....I recover better with glutamine supplementation. (heh, and ironically I don't seem to get s**t from creatine)

    Besides, Glutamine is dirt cheap.

  16. I have been back for two months, that's what I don't get..I think I may have just tried to come back too fast for my body to handle...

  17. Were you doing the 5/1 TUT reps prior to stopping, mullet? These can be pretty brutal even though the weights are pretty small...

  18. Nope, I was only doing a 3:2 before...However, when I came back I stuck with that for a bit, I have only been using the 5:1 for a week or two..I wonder if I should stop the TUT for a bit and ease back into a regular routine..?

  19. For sure that will let your musklez rest some. Not a bad idea if you ask me. Then add some long-TUT sets in, just to see what does what...

  20. Yeah, I will try that this week..I am thinking with re-introducing lifting weights, plus the added stress of a longer TUT period my body just wasn't capable of handling the change..So I think I'mma ease back into a 2:2, 3:2 TUT for abit, and then bump it back upto a 5:1..See if that is the problem-o


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