Interesting shoulder rehab exercise

  1. Interesting shoulder rehab exercise

    I was browsing websites last night at work when I came across a shoulder rehab exercise that sounds like it may very well be quite effective for healing up a great variety of shoulder problems. I suffer from difficulties with my right shoulder myself, and tried this exercise while at work.

    It basically involves rotating a broom handle or other such long straight item from a starting position of in front of the body, with arms kept straight throughout, and rotated overhead and finally ending up about midway down the back. I'll be doing these once a day or so in hopes of clearing up a longstanding on again/off again problem.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one on here with a shoulder problem, and don't recall seeing this exercise mentioned before. I'll likely report back from time to time with my progress.

  2. I guess I have real shoulder inflexibility problems because I can't get it behind my back without bending my elbows.

  3. use a towel instead bbaddict. i am starting to do these too and with a towel it's much easier than a broomstick. maybe i can work my way up to a broomstick. getsum27

  4. If you can't get the broomstick that you were using behind your back, you may simply need a longer broomstick.

    I've only done this twice so far, but my right shoulder is feeling absolutely fantastic already. A big test will be tomorrow's chest workout. I feel a fair bit of pain from any heavy pressing, and weighted dips are absolute murder. I'd love to be able to get back to heavy weighted dips again, as I recently bought a dipping station, only to have my shoulder flare up and render it essentially useless.

  5. There are quite a few yoga stretches/positions that mimic this as well. I can't do any of them because I am inflexible as hell, lol.

  6. I gave it a go as my should is giving me a bit of problems as of late, not bad and one hell of a is another routine I've used in the past and am going to start up again.

    I do a couple simple stretches and quick exercises for the rotator cuff that has help my pain and popping. First off I do 3 stretches: I grab hold of a door frame, arm behind and parallel to the floor and move forward letting the shoulder pull back behind not pull your shoulder forward, let it stretch back. Next I do the same move with my hand grip on the door frame about a foot or so higher than parallel and stretch in the same manner. The final stretch is with arm and grip back at the parallel position on the door frame and I turn my body on axis away from the arm holding the frame.

    I do two exercises which are done with light weight in the 5-10 lb range, I would suggest never pushing it past 20lbs. Both exercises are done lying on your side on a bench press with your back and shoulders straight, legs slightly curled and one hand tucked between your thighs for position.

    The first exercise I do is to hold a 5-10 lb plate with your free hand, I use a 4 kilo...8.8lb, and hold it in a hanging position across my chest. I raise the plate with a straight arm, palm facing down, to a parallel position, hold for a moment, and then lower for rep.

    The second exercise is done in the same body position, but with your elbow resting on your side, I use a rolled up towel between the arm and side for better support/position. The arm is bent at a 90 degree angle, thumb side towards your head, and another 5-10lb plate in hand. I lower the plate, holding the 90 degree bend, to my mid section and then raise it back to the starting position. Always keep your elbow in the same held location, do not raise it or us it to pull the weight.

    I do a couple easy 10 range sets of each exercise twice a week and I'm good to go. My shoulder felt an improvement in just a few weeks with less noise and pain. The idea is not to pound the weight, but to strengthen certain muscles in the shoulder that become out off balance to other training exercises.

    I would like to thank somebody from some board, both of which I do not recall, for the routine.

  7. I've been continuing to perform this stretch for the last few weeks, and have seen modest improvement. I feel little to no pain during shoulder presses, however still feel a bit of discomfort during lateral raises. After several sets of chest exercises I tend to feel a fair bit of discomfort, but less so than before.

    One change I've made the last few days is switching from a broomstick to an extension cord. I was rereading the thread I linked to in my original post, and came across a picture description that mentioned that it is necessary to keep constant outward tension on your shoulders by pulling your hands apart. When I tried doing this with a broomstick I would lose grip, and my hands would get farther apart negating the stretch. The extension cord has greatly increased the stretch I experience in my shoulders, so I'll be keeping this change up for awhile.

  8. nice post i tryed it and really felt it burning hope it works as ive always had problems with my rotator cuffs i tore my right one completely in two places playing football a couple years ago and ever since ive had loud popping and alot of pain from heavy lifting thanks for posting

  9. Yoga's the word...It honestly helped me in every aspect of my physical life..Just made me more limber, I think it may have increased my blood flow because I was recovering easier..It was just all around good stuff

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier
    Yoga's the word...It honestly helped me in every aspect of my physical life..Just made me more limber, I think it may have increased my blood flow because I was recovering easier..It was just all around good stuff
    I've watched my shift partner performing yoga at work (mind you he's pretty bad, so it's rather comical to watch) but haven't found the wherewithall to try it out myself as of yet. I must not have that sense of inner peace, or more likely it's just that the stuff looks kinda boring that has led to me not trying it out for myself.


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