Deadlifts on leg day?

  1. Deadlifts on leg day?

    I have just recently added deadlifts to my program now that I'm no longer running so much, and I was wondering if its a good idea to do deadlifts with my squats and other leg excersizes to maximize recovery time for my quads.

    Here's my split

    Sun or Mon. - Upper back and shoulders: Bent over rows, T-bar rows, Lat pull-down, DB military press, and Heavy abs

    Tues.- Legs and Lower back: Squats, DL's, Calf raises, Bio-ball ass raises, Stiff-legged deadlifts

    Thurs.- Chest, Traps, and Arms: Bench press, Preacher Curls, Dips, Shrugs, and Light abs

    My split is working pretty well for me with my hectic schedule (school, out of town gf). I'm really just trying to get a stable strong core until summer starts and then maybe I will begin to work on hypertrophy. With the above schedule, when would you guys throw in power cleans?

  2. Here's a suggestion, only a suggestion. If you like what you've got going, then by all means stick to it.

    Sun: Deadlifts, Bent-Over Row, T-Bar, Lat Pulldown, Shrugs, Preacher

    Tue: Bench, DB Military, Dips, Heavy Abs

    Thur: Squats, Stiff-Leg Deads, Bio Ball Raises, Calves

    This would get you working similar groups on the same days without so much cross over from one day to the next, and give your legs two days of rest before training back. Back will be your heaviest day, but it's followed by a lighter day of chest and shoulders. This split may give you more nervous system recovery.

  3. I don't know why I hadn't thought about switching my Tues. and Thurs. routines. I guess its just because I'm taking a weight training class here at school (basically credit hours to lift weights), and I have a static schedule for those two days. I'll try this out and maybe cycle t-bar and bent over rows EOW so I still have enough strength to hit the biceps good.

    So on to my other question. Do you guys use cleans in your program, and if so, what day do you focus on them? I'm thinking most likely back day.

  4. I've actually done better with deads by doing them every-other week. You could try doing deads one week and cleans the other. Both tax the CNS a great degree and require a lot of recovery time.

  5. Right now I am doing more of a olympic/powerlifting routine and although I'm not sure if it is a good one I do deadlifts and hang cleans one week, and powercleans or snatch's the next with partial deads. Been working well for about a month now.

  6. I usually start my leg work out off with Clean and jerks or some other type of Olympic lift. I then work into squats followed by leg press or lunges and finish off with extension and curls. Then its off to hit calves.

  7. For anyone who is interested, here's my new split.

    Sun/Mon: Back, Traps, Biceps, and Light abs

    -Deadlifts: 8/6/4/2
    -T-Bar Rows: 8/8/6
    -Bent over DB Rows: 8/8/8
    -Upright Rows with Curl Bar: 8/8/8
    -Shrugs: 8/8/8
    -Lat Pull-downs: 8/8/8
    -Chin ups: 3 sets to 10 or failure
    -Preacher Curls: 8/8/8
    -Hyperextension/Ab superset works: 2 sets

    Tues: Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps

    -Flat Bench: 8/6/4/2
    -Butterflies: 8/8/8
    -Military Press: 8/8/8
    -Superset of Shoulder raises (8 front, 8 side, 8 back, 8 presses): 3 sets
    -Dips: 3 sets to 10 or failure
    -Skull crushers: 8/8/8

    Thurs: Legs, Calves, and Heavy Abs

    -Squat: 8/6/4/2
    -Lunges: 8/8/8
    -Seated Calf Machine: 8/8/8
    -Bio-ball Ass Raises: 10/10/10
    -Stiff Legged Deadlifts: 8/8/8
    -Weighted Sit-ups: 10/10/10
    -Knee Raises: 10/10/10

  8. Quote Originally Posted by PVSkyHigh
    I usually start my leg work out off with Clean and jerks or some other type of Olympic lift. I then work into squats followed by leg press or lunges and finish off with extension and curls. Then its off to hit calves.
    Yeah this isn't a bad recomendation at all. My favorite exercise is hang cleans by far. Be careful on the jerk part as it can be easy to hurt your shoulders doing them.

    I would throw deads on leg day for sure though if you plan on doing them. People don't realize how hard deads hit your hams and gleuts if you are doing them right, make sure your are getting back on your heals on your pushup and keep that back straight and you will feel what a deadlift should feel like.

    Hang cleans do hit your traps harder though as I am feeling right now! OUCH!


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