Middle of chest pops during bench presses

  1. Middle of chest pops during bench presses

    This has been going on for about 3 months now - i normally do my chest workouts with dumbbells anyways, but if I throw in flat benches with a barbell, I get pain in the middle of my chest (at the sternum) as soon as i'm racking the bar, and usually something there "pops" like when you grab your knee, extend it, and pop it. I can barely feel it, but definately hear it inside of me if that makes any sense.
    I am not aware of anything through that area that would be capable of making a popping sound unless something were damaged.
    Any ideas?

  2. I have a similar problem, but my chest pops right inbetween my pecs. My chiro says it's my upper back that's out of whack. Once I'm adjusted I'm fine.
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  3. Right... the pop comes from between the pecs.

  4. I use to have that when I was small. It just went away.

  5. It's probably your sternum and can be very painful if you injure it.
    I have.

  6. Yeah I have had that for a while.

    Do you do weighted dips?

    Mine came from when I got really strong and was dipping a 100 lb dumbbell for like 12 reps. It would do it sometimes when i was just standing there bringing my arms together in front of me or when someone pressed on my chest or something.

  7. Yeah I do weighted dips... the pain started last year towards the end or right after a run of e...lmg, I got up to doing 8-10 dips with 2 45's on belt, was primarily doing flat bench for and dips for chest, also got up to my highest poundage on bench before this happened, kind of figured i was maybe getting stronger than my measly frame was used to supporting.
    Weird though, still avoiding barbell chest exercises and using dumbbells instead, and I dont have the pain or pops that way.

  8. Do you have any pain? Can you feel the 'pop' in your upper back as well?

  9. yes - after the sternum area would pop, a nice pain would radiate from the sternum and go a little bit across my chest as well, i had to just lay on the bench for a few seconds to let the pain dissipate before I could get up. NOw that I think about it - yes, upper back pain would also occur, but since I have found a way to work around this i havent really experienced it in its worst in about 2 months I guess.
    Funny - i've never injured my upper back that i can recall, but my mid & lower back were injured a while from being foolish and trying to max out on deadlifts for like 4 backworkouts in a row.

  10. I obtained this same thing, poping of the sternum after going through a heavy phase. was a pain in the ass for awhile. an injury and having to slack off seems to have relieved that, now that I am back at it.

  11. Just be careful guys, I kept ignoring that pop and working heavy. One day that pop turned into a hot searing pain radiating across my chest, and I was done for. Went from benching 315 to barely being able to put up 225. 10 pushups and my chest hurt so bad I had to stop. It really sucked!

    I believe its called or is similar to costalchondritis, and its the cartilidge/ligaments that hold the rib into the sternum either becoming iinflamed or cracked. The pain in the upper back is the rib actually shifting in place and causing stress where it connects to the spine.

    I found my old thread on the injury:



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