new split.... need info

  1. new split.... need info

    How does this look.

    Sunday- off (switch)
    Monday- Bi’s /delts(w/traps)
    Tuesday- Quads/calves
    Wednesday- Tri’s /abs
    Thursday- Off
    Friday- Back/Hams

    The only thing that makes me think twice with this split is the fact that triceps are getting hit 3x a week. However, when I work chest/delts, I usually dont do much of the upper range of motion (which hits tri's the hardest) and when delts are hit, they fail (for me anyway) much sooner then the triceps do, so they dont get much work there either. Thanks folks.

  2. Hittining tris 3 times per week is fine, a lot of people hit all body parts 3 times per week (think HST). A problem I see is you have a whole days for bis/delts and tris/abs which are fairly small groups, and then only one day for hams and back which are really big muscle groups.

    What are your stats? goals?

  3. Bump for stats age and lifting experience.

    IMO Back & Hams is not too bad, since doing deadlifts will traing both back & hams anyway.

    I also kinda like that you have two less-taxing training days around leg day in the 3-consecutive-days part of your routine. Sometimes 3 consecutive days can bring on overtraining if these are heavy days.

    Overall I like it. How many sets is that, what is the planned TUT and how long do you rest between sets. Also, is there cardio after weights.

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