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tri's with chest or not?

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  1. tri's with chest or not?

    Do you work tri's with chest or not.

    I personally work tri's with delts instead of chest. This is because tri's fail (for me anyway) before my chest does on bench/incline bench. With delts, my delts fail before my tri's with compound delt movements, so I can still work tri's good after delts.

  2. just started working tri's with shoulders instead of chest. i've been doing it this way for about two weeks now.

  3. I work em with both. Monday Chest/Tri's, Friday Shoulders/Tri's/Bi's.
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  4. You should be doing both. I don't do a grouping for more than 2 weeks anymore man. I'll do chest / tris, back / bis, legs / shoulders for 2 weeks then I'll do chest / back, shoulders / tris, legs / bis....etc

    So yes, I work tris w/ chest, and no, I don't work tris w/ chest

  5. I find that working tri's after either chest or delts warm them up and don't injure as easily.

  6. On chest day, I find it hard not to at least do some pushdowns to burn me out before I leave the gym. Depending on my workout scheme I usually hit tri's on another day as well.

  7. I like Magickk's way, personally. I change my split every few weeks. Some splits I'll have them after chest, some splits after delts, and since arms are genetically more difficult for me to develope than other bodyparts (tall man's arms syndrome.) I sometimes will even group arms on their own day, the only problem with that is that tri's get hit on chest day, delt day, and on their own day, so I have to be careful about overtraining on those splits. (unless I put delts and chest together, wich Ive done in the past but dont like because it doesnt allow me to give shoulders the attention the deserve.) On those arms on their own day type splits some times I'll do the arm day the day after delts, so even though they get hit 2 days straignt they still have 3 days to recover before the next chest day. Ie: mon:chest/back tues:quads/hams/calves thurs:delts/traps Fri:arms.
    In fact Im planning on using that one the next time I change splits. Wich happens to be next week. (I try to stick with a split long enough to milk gains from each of those exercises but not long enough to adapt and get stale. For me that equates to about 3 to 5 weeks per split.
    I first realized that the arms the day after delts routine worked for me when I did max ot the summer before this past one, cuz the tris still get several days to recover before chest, and the two consecutive day hit can shock the tris in a new and favorable way as long as I dont keep it (the split) that way for too long.

  8. I like the fact that the tris are pre-exhausted frrom doing chest. It doesn't take much to toast them from there. I do a few sets of skull crushers, and then some bench dips, and my boys are out there................

  9. I've been doing Tris with Shoulders and have been pleased with the results. Chest with Bis......Back alone, and Legs alone.


  10. I superset Bis + Tris anyone else?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by thebiochemist
    I superset Bis + Tris anyone else?

  12. Bottom line is if your arms are really lagging you should give them a day of their own, bis/tris/forearms. I have been training tri's with shoulders but i'm going to start training them with chest also.

  13. i think chest is so underrated everyone wants 20 inch arms but forget that chest is bigger muscle than arms . personally i work out one body part every day it allows me to focus and specialize in that one body part.doing chest and triceps is a good idea but being chest is bigger muscle you should work it out more than arms and if your lifting those heavy pounds and are tired than your tricep workout well suffer. i like doing biceps and triceps and supersetting. arms need to be workout only 45 min once a week i feel it is a small muscle and you cant overtrain it i have 18 inch arms. so i guess my method is working. peace

  14. I work arms separate from everything else right now.

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  15. I trained my chest and tricpes when I was younger and never got total growth. If you burn out your chest you will loose the strength to hammer your triceps

  16. Every 8-10 weeks I switch up but currently i'm working Bis/Tris together on their own day. In a few more weeks i'll be switching back to tris and chest.

  17. The only bad thing about that is your chest is one huge muscle. Your arms are small muscles. When you work out Chest and tris your tring to bring blood out of one and share it with the other. thats why bis and tris together is so good there next to each other. The amount of blood it takes to fill a pec , you can fill bi and tri . The key to growth is gettin blood in the muscle and holding it there as long as possible.

  18. Working chest usually have a negative impact when I move to my triceps workouts. I really makes me very difficult to complete a decent tricep workout. That's the reason, I usually do Chest/bi's, back/tri's, legs/shoulders, forearms/abs.

  19. what are the benifits of supersetting on arms day, and how do you warm up for each one, do you superset the warm up set?

  20. good thread. subscribed.

  21. Im wondering.

    People keep saying that they dont include tris with their chest routine because their arms are too fatigued afterward.

    Dont you think that maybe they are fatigued because they just did a whole lot of work (compound work) during the chest routine.

    Just my 2 cents. Im not so much a bodybuilder as I am a strength athlete so my view is skewed.

  22. I do either tri's/bi's/forams all in one day or chest/Tri's one day Back/Bi's/Forearms another. I really enjoy the pump I get from doing a full 45 min arm workout on a single day.

  23. I switch up. bi's and tri's and chest and tri's. I, obviously, get a better pump out of the bi's and tri's.

  24. i was going to do chest w/ light tris on sunday then on friday tris bis. Does that sound good or is it overtraining I think I should be rested enough, or should the tri bi day be thursday? what do you guys think of that?

  25. I am doing a max ot style work-out now so Chest gets it's own day


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