Trying something New-Critique It

  1. Trying something New-Critique It

    I decided to drop the workout i was doing and try something completely differnt. Well here it is tell me what you guys think.


    Weighted Pushups on chairs to get that extra stretch- 3x10
    Weighted pushups with feet elevated-3x8
    weighted diamond pushups-3x8,6,6
    handstand pushups-3x4...thats about all i can get
    weighted dips-3x8,8,6
    weighted pullups regular grip-3x4
    weighted pullups reverse grip-2x4,3
    DB rows-3x6
    oblique work-6x8-12

    what do yo guys think of this workout...i just want to try something new see what kind of gains i get

    legs ill be doing tuesdays and fridays as i was before i changed workouts

  2. anybody

  3. way way way way way too much volume and way way way way way too high of frequency

  4. do you suggest dropping it

  5. yeah i wouldn't use that routine .... read around here a lot .. i've outlined what i personally do several times

    not saying its the best but it certainly works for me

  6. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    way way way way way too much volume and way way way way way too high of frequency
    I agree. You might also take a look at the articles I posted here by Casey Butt. I think it will be well worth the time you invest. Print them out and read them.

    Physiology Related:

    Training Related I - Basic Concepts:

    Training Related - Making A Strength/Size Routine:

    Casey wrote at times for Hardgainer magazine and focused on the science of getting muscles to grow with consistent gains particularly for the natural bodybuilder. From his articles you'll realize that you are not giving your central nervous system time to recuperate.

    You will find that you have touched on a couple of things that are very good - deep stretch in those exercises and compound movements. The articles will help you put together a good training regimen and allow you to realize when you are overtraining. But most of all they will help you grow and avoid stagnation.


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