Injury Proofing

  1. Injury Proofing

    I'd like to know how many people do exercises specific to injury proofing. As of late i've had a few minor injuries which get in the way of my training somewhat.

    My main question is whether people incorporate things like isometric holds into their training routines regularly? I'd guess that the shoulder joint is one of the most unstable, and other than RC exercises, i'm not really sure what to do on this matter.

    Would appreciate any feedback.

  2. You can try this for sholders...

    Take a LIGHT weight, 5 lbs. or so. Holding your arm straight out, swing it around your entire range of motion, like arm circle stretches. Do them both forward and backwards, and go VERY slow.

    Good luck :thumbsip:

  3. Isometric holds aren't very useful for rehab unless your injury is very acute and you cannot move through full range without pain. RC exercises are good along with scaplular stabalizer exercises. You should also focus on stretching the pecs. If they are tight then the biomechanics of your shoulder are skewed.

  4. As mentioned, I would definitely include prehab RC and scapular work in your workout. Here's a link to some common exercises:

    As for general suggestions as to your workout program I would evaluate the balance between the program's internal and external rotations. Too many internal rotations over time can lead to shoulder problems. Keep an eye on how frequently you do shoulder press, and if you have shoulder problems remember that exercises like pullups (internal rotation) can be problematic as well. Eliminate (or use sparingly) exercises like upright rows, as they can cause problems.

  5. bump to this .. trust me ivydude knows how to deal with ****ty joints lol

  6. Yoga is not a bad idea either.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    bump to this .. trust me ivydude knows how to deal with ****ty joints lol
    haha. i guess i'll take that as a compliment.


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