12 days without training chest and tri's

  1. Question 12 days without training chest and tri's

    ive started using a three day split but with 4 workouts, so its like day 1 - workout 1, day 2 - workout 2, day 3 - workout 3, day 1 - workout 4 etc

    so its like tue - back and bi, thurs - chest and tri's, sat - legs
    tue - shoulders and abs, thurs - back and bi, sat legs
    tue - chest

    i train legs every saturday because the gym is relatively empty so as you can see it would be 12 days untill chest and triceps day comes again, is 12 days to long a break from each workout?


  2. I don't get the point of that workout. Why don't you just workout 4 days a week or combine it into 3? What's the point of the rotation?

  3. 12 is a bit long. Up until about 9 days you are ok and for a lot of hardgainers, that is what Iron Addict from FF suggests. But at twelve days...

  4. 12 days is what ya call "folly" ... far too long I'd say... would never wait two weeks between training sessions personally.

  5. sounds like a damn pete sisco workout to me... that guy has lost his damn mind in my opinion...


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