Critique my routine

  1. Critique my routine

    I'm having a hard time grasping the less is better concept but am willing to try it. This is for my up coming cutting routine. Cardio will be performed 5 days a week, possibly 6.


    Bench Press
    Side shoulder Raises - laying into an incline bench
    Front shoulder Raises
    Incline Bench


    Pull ups
    Lower Back Rows
    Upper Back Rows




    Military Press
    Decline Bench
    Seated straight out shoulder raises
    Chest Butterflies


    Calf raises


  2. And this is why we need PM's back...

  3. personally, i think it sucks

    1. your first day goes chest/should/shoulder/chest and it should good chest/chest/shoulder/shoulder

    2 your squats should be first not last

    3. too much chest and shoulders in one week, two day break for chest is not enough, chest needs at least 4 day break

    4. deadlifts should be first

    keep your core/compund movements first and the iso at the end. remember is not quantity, its quality

    ohh yea and either do bis and back on the same day or space them apart. you have bis, then back the very next day

  4. You're all over the place with your muscle groups. The order of exercises is not very good. On day one you do chest, then shoulders, then back to chest. Try

    Day 1 - Legs
    Day 2 - Off
    Day 3 - Chest and Tri's
    Day 4 - off
    Day 5 - back and bi's
    Day 6 - Shoulders
    Day 7 - off

  5. I appreciate your help. I switched Incline with Squat. How does this look now?

    Weighted Dips

    Side Raises - lying into an incline bench
    Front raises
    Military Press
    Seated Straight Out raises



    Pull Ups
    Lower Back Rows
    Upper Rows

  6. its still looks pretty messed up to me. If you can do squats and deads in the same dead, then your not working hard enough on either of them. Put them on seperate days and space them apart a couple days.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by UNDERTAKER
    If you can do squats and deads in the same dead, then your not working hard enough on either of them.

  8. Undertaker, I changed it up. What do you think now?

  9. I don't know much about cardio, since I was born with a body that doesnt require it at all to stay at a low bf... BUT
    shouldnt you NOT do cardio after a weight-training session?

    Kinda weird seeing squats and benches on the same day... I do that, but I'm using a HST routine and it calls for it...
    Why dont you do something simple first and then ramp up the volume if its not enough for you?

    day 1 - chest/shoulders
    day 2 - back
    day 3 - off
    day 4 - arms
    day 5 - legs
    day 6 - off
    day 7 - off

    on off-days, try cardio on those days, and then on 2 days of on-days, but in the morning before you eat (like we're supposed to)

    Incline DB/BB Press 3-4x8 (or alt with flat or decline)
    Chest-isolation of some sort for 2-3 sets
    Arnold Press 3x8
    Straight shoulder press DB 2-3x8
    Front-delt raises or Dumbell Pullovers 3x8
    Lat Raises 1-2x8

    sample chest/shoulder day... none of it to failure, all volume stuffs

  10. Bean I appreciate your input, let me explain a couple of factors that limit me. First your right, I do have a body that requires cardio at least 4 days a week. On my last successful cut I was doing 10 minutes of HIIT in the morning and 30 minutes of bike cardio after weight traning 5 days a week. Secondly, the way my schedule is set up I need to do cardio right after lifting. I squat and bench on the same day because a knowledgeable friend of mine told me squatting and benching in the same workout helps build the chest even more because with squatting you inhale on the way down and exhale on the way up and it helps to build your chest. Hope it makes sense.

  11. interesting... i'm making nice gains with the HST program so far...
    thus far the chest definition has increased rather dramatically... and RIGHT after squats and stiff-leg deadlifts is chest work... so i wonder if this is having any effect...

    i'll have to do more research on that idea... also might want to hear from Bobo (the man) on that... he'll give you a definite answer too

  12. That'd be great if he could give us his take.


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