Leg Exercises to Balance Out Wide Hips

  1. Leg Exercises to Balance Out Wide Hips

    God has chosen to bless me with the widest hips known to man -- and they are extremely high as well.

    I've been dealing with this by focusing on my shoulders back and chest, and my upper body shape doesn't look too bad.

    But my legs -- uggggh! It's just like some kind of terrible V, wide hips and nothing to balance it out in the legs.

    Any suggestions?
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  2. I'll say it first. Squats

  3. I would go with heavy leg presses. Squats always work my glutes a little too well, that could make your problem look worse. Leg extensions might work too.

  4. I worry about my glutes becoming too large when I do squats as well, but if I got parallel to the floor I dont feel it as much. Front squats would be another alternative to really blast your quads.

  5. try front squats places more stress on the quad and gives awsome gains....really great gains when you start getting into some real weight with them !...now I look up and see g4ud1n has allready said fronties...!

  6. just make sure in all the exercises you do such as squats that you don't place your feet too far apart, if you keep them shoulder width or closer wide hips shouldn't be a problem.

  7. wide hips makes a good squater,there is tremendous power in the hips.


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