Left shoulder pops out during bench

  1. Left shoulder pops out during bench

    When I do flat or decline dumbbell and barbell bench press my shoulder pops out if my arms go less than 45 degrees ( my arms make a right angle/ L shape)

    It pops in and out of the join, to the extent that you can feel the bench move, just wondering if any one else has that problem and possibly a way to combat it??

  2. Does the gh actually sublux, or is it just a popping feeling? I'm assuming its a subluxation. If it truly "pops out," dislocates, you probably would not be posting about it because you would have seen a doctor. If it is subluxing you potentially have some supporting structure issues going on that will warrant a doctors visit. Considering you've posted here instead of seeking medical advise I think I can safely assume that you either can't go or don't want to. With that said I will still say see a doctor but in the mean time either learn to bench with an arch as to keep the ROM within your comfort or...


  3. Even if it's not popping out all the way, the head of the humerus is rubbing up against the labrum. You're just asking for a labral tear. You should go see a doc before it gets any worse. At any rate that movement is not good for the cartilage in the shoulder joint.
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