Shoulder dislocations

  1. Shoulder dislocations

    I got a bad history of shoulder dislocations,
    My shoulder stands sublexed just normally.

    Already had an unsuccessful othroscopic surgery (1999, winded up
    injuring it during the post surgery recorvy phase due to carelessness)

    will probably have a second surgery seeing how i have tried every resoundable
    aproach to treating it short of igf/gh (which would be hard but not impossible for me
    to afford to try)

    one last call for help before I give physical therapy every last chance to heal and wind up
    going under the knife again.

  2. Aaww dude, sorry to hear that. I assume you're a bodybuilder. Most guys wreck their shoulders doing all those "behind-the-neck" exercises. Claims that those exercises are better are simply unsubstantiated. I injured my shoulder around 18 months ago. It subluxed frequently and no amount of rehab helped. I also was diagnosed with impingement syndrome. I bought this book called "Trigger Point Therapy" by Claire Davies. You may want to look it up on Amazon. I've resolved all shoulder problems, thanks to that book. The shoulder is a very complex joint. You should exercise a lot of caution both while training and during rehab.

    Good luck!

  3. Sorry to hear about your shoulder. I was posting in another thread about injuries too when I saw this one. Thermal Capsulation is something the dr can do when he's scoping you out to tighted it up. Downside is recovery takes a while. You'll be told not to move it for a month or stretching it out.

  4. Man, that's really bad to hear, shoulders are nasty, impingement sydrome ended my college baseball career....the good thing about the shoulder joint is there is a lot of muscles around it that you can strengthen to help stabilize it, BUT it will only help some...I know thera-bands work great focusing on internal and external rotation of the shoulder in the coronal, sagittal and axial planes, starting really light and reps high (like 20-30 range) it sucks because you want to do more...but that's rehab for ya! Hope that helps a little, good luck!


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