Is Specific Hip Adduction Work Needed?

  1. Is Specific Hip Adduction Work Needed?

    On the occasional accessory day for legs I usually put my focus on hip abduction, extension and flexion work, but I was wondering if there would be a need to directly target the adductors, and if so, what would be the best method. Hopefully there is something more functional than the "good girl" machine.

    I was wondering if anyone does any direct work for the adductors, or if they get enough attention from lunges and isolateral leg work.
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  2. i like wide stance deep box squats. just be sure to push those knees out. hits the hammies well too.

    since i started doing those i have noticed my groin rubbing together more. it kind of sucks.
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  3. This is based on hear-say, but pretty from a good source. I was talking to a sports doc who works with the UK football team, and they are starting to use a test of hip adduction force and perception of pain in the groin region. They've been pretty able to predict pubis injuries when pain is present. Try it sometime as a measure of recovery. Lie supine, put your fists thumb to thumb between your inner thighs at mid-thigh level and squeeze hard. If there's some discomfort at the groin region you should probably cut back on major hip extensor and exercises that use a lot of posterior pelvic tilt.

  4. Today was assistance work for squats and deads. Re' Ozzie's suggestion I tried some wide stance deep box squats and liked what I felt - it certainly hit what I was hoping it would. Felt the upper thighs brushing more than usual when I finished my last set. I'll be adding them into rotation.

    Thanks for the tip, Red. Tried the fist-thigh squeeze and didn't feel any discomfort. I like to think I'm pretty good about recovery. I do my foam rolling/mobility work, diet is on point, and I'm fairly tuned in to over training. My reason for asking about specific adduction work was simply to see what benefits/carryover it would have to heavy squats/deads.
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