right his pain after squatting

  1. right his pain after squatting

    I've been squatting twice a week for almost two years now I've made great gains I'd say my squats are my best lift, recently about the last month my right hip has been killing me about two hours after squatting and very sore the next day, but if I warm up properly (which I always do) I can squat again three days later without pain until afterwards, now my problem is when I hit parallel and begin my travel back up my right hip drops a little lower than my left and I feel like my right leg is doing more of the lift. Now I know this is my problem so how do I fix it drop the weight start over? Do more single leg work? etc etc thanks

  2. Subd for answer. Interested in finding out.

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  3. I think you nailed it already, I would do more core/balancing/single leg work. Lunges with weights have helped my with this, and single leg squats, as well as dumbell squats (or a regular bar) but going as deep as I can with high volume. Best approach to righting any imbalances IMO. As for your pain..you've maybe built some muscle that you havnt stretched out well enough spend some time with a roller on the area.

  4. Your hip drop is due to weak gluteus minimus/medius muscles and/or weak hip abductors. You need to work on proximal hip strength, exercises for the core, and transverse abdominis activation exercises. Also, your pain might be caused because of weak muscles causing your other side to compensate. Compensation will cause dysfunction and pain. I would also work on doing plenty of hip flexor stretches, supine knee to chest, and stretches for the VMO, piriformis and IT band. You may also want to work on postural and core stabilization exercises that are not meant for strengthening, but for balance and proprioception.

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