Help With Standing Calf Raises

  1. Help With Standing Calf Raises

    I want to do dumbell standing calf raises,but my gym doesnt have a calf block. any ideas? just on the ground? can i use a 25 or 45lb plate?

  2. Yea you can use a plate but be carefull. Also can use the small steps if your good with balance although I have to use either the leg press or barbells cause I used to run and my calves are stronger than what I can grip
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  3. Yeah i get under the smith machine for donkeys or standing raises. Youtube and you'll find a tutorial.
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  4. i stand on the spotting platform of the incline bench

  5. Quote Originally Posted by benmayro View Post
    i stand on the spotting platform of the incline bench
    or platform of military press

  6. I stand on the edge of my power rack
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  7. all interesting idead.i have a feeling i will fall off if im on a platform tho

  8. thats why you can balance yoursrlf by putting your hand on the bar

  9. wait we put your hang on the bar? dont you have a dumbbell in each hand?

  10. i do single leg, so i only use obe dumbell, sure it sucks holding 90,s but it helps the grip strength too

  11. use the spotting flatform from a shoulder press.....i prefer using a barbell than dumbbell but whatever floats your boat
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