Help With Planks

  1. Help With Planks

    So i did planks for first time today. 4 sets 1 min. First 2 sets were ok. But last 2 sets after 30 seconds my shoulders would feel the burn a lot an start to shake. Normal? Should i reduce to 45 seconds or keep at it?

  2. Play around with your arm positioning. I shake after a while too.
    I plank w load transfer.

  3. Shaking is normal, yes. You'll improve.

  4. Shaking is part of the game. I would adjust your arms slightly but just realize its a fat burning exercise its supposed to be tough

  5. Thanks for replies. So keep it at a min?

  6. I would keep it at a min at least, i usually just go to failure on planks whatever that number may be.

  7. ^^ As do I. Go until your hips start to sag toward the floor. Once this happens, your core is fatigued and sagging your hips wont do anything for core strength

  8. Just pull your shoulders down and tighten up your lats.
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