the science of workout variations, anyone knows?

  1. the science of workout variations, anyone knows?

    Hi. I have a few workout sets and I would like to know what it does and how it impacts your body and muscle group.

    Variation one -

    bench press - 5 sets 1min-2min rest

    145lbs light 10 reps
    160lbs light 10 reps
    200lbs moderate 8 reps
    220lbs moderate heavy 7 reps
    250lbs heavy 6 reps

    Variation 2 -
    bench press
    4 sets
    250 lbs - heavy 7 reps (fatigued)
    250lbs - heavy 6 reps ( fatigued)
    250lbs - heavy 5-6 reps (fatigued)
    250lbs - 3-5 reps (fatigued)

    Variation 3 -

    240lbs heavy 7-9 reps near fatigue
    240lbs heavy 7-8 reps near faitgue
    240lbs heavy 7-10 reps faitgued
    260lbs heavy 4-6 reps fatigued.

  2. bump. anyone?

  3. Check out some books on periodization from your local library and you will get some better idea of how varying volumes and intensities result in different adaptations.

    2 of the 3 protocols you listed there are very similar.


  4. I would first say to stop looking at the bench press as something that is only working one muscle group. After that, you have to look at the % of your 1RM that you're using for working sets. General rule is that less experienced trainees need more volume to gain the muscle memory and technical mastery needed. The final thing is how long will of a phase would each protocol be used?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

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