Back or legs?

  1. Back or legs?

    So my schedule last week got messed up and I had to change my leg day from Tuesday to was a really good workout and I'm still sore from Friday but I wanted to get back on schedule my split is usually
    Mon shoulder
    Tues legs
    Wed off
    Thurs back bi
    Fri chest tri
    But I was wondering if I should go ahead an do leg day even though I'm still a little sore in the quads or should I do back even though I'm a little sore from doing shoulders yesterday
    Oh and I'm not able to workout on wednesday or the weekends

  2. Yes, do them. You could always make it a ham/glute dominant day since most people halfass their posterior chain training.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. personally i wouldnt, a few extra rest days wouldnt hurt nor would it set you back...
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  4. I never do legs when there still sore... even a little, gotta let those babies repair fully.

    I would do back. Shouldn't see a problem with doing back after shoulders.

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