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    First and foremost, that was not meant as a shot what so ever. I even addressed that there are endless methods that will get the job done. With that said, what works for one doesn't necessarily work for all and if the young man is working towards becoming stronger, frying the CNS is simply not the best answer for strength, in my opinion. Upper level strength requires an efficient neural system and therefore training purely for hypertrophy shouldn't be the only angle addressed. Obviously it needs to be addressed but not to the detriment of the other half of the equation. I'm also not saying he'll reach a level of overtraining immediately but, as I mentioned, without proper rest and nutrition, it will happen much, much quicker training multiple sets to failure than other methods. Everybody responds differently and has differing opinions. I was simply giving mine.

    As for the wide grip issues, I understand you can't load the bar with as much weight in a wide grip, but you can absolutely load it heavy, relatively speaking. In addition, with regards to proper bench mechanics (scaps retracted, depressed) the chest is often less of a limiting factor than the tri's. This is just my experiences with those I have worked with which is why I tend to avoid that particular position. I also work with contact athletes so I have to protect their shoulders a little more than your average gym go-er so, in the end, the reward a bigger pecs simply doesn't out weigh the risk. Lastly, lighten up brother. It's a discussion and most of the time there is so right answer; just tools. Just because I disagree with you doesn't make you wrong or me right. I'm wrong all the time and get called on it everyday at work.
    Its cool man. I really should lighten up. Sry bout that. But I wasnt too upset about it lol.

  2. Yeah I figured as much. No harm, no foul

  3. Some simple advice:
    Take the weight you are currently doing for ~8 reps and decrease it by 15% We will rebuild you.

    Week 1:
    Flat bench
    Set 1 - Warmup
    Set 2 - Warmup
    Set 3 - Working set 15% less your previous weight that you used to lift with. Don't lift to failure. 10-12 reps
    Set 4 - Same as Set 3

    Set 1-4 (to failure)

    Then do your Pec Decs or flyes

    Week 2:
    Flat Bench performed at ~10% your old weight. (note the progression)
    Sets 1-4 same as week one except drop the reps to about ~10 (as opposed to 10-12 and remember 9 is a perfectly acceptable number)

    Same as above

    Week 3- Use the weight you used to find difficult before we subtracted the 15%... now we are going to lift it for 6 reps
    Set 1: warmup
    Set 2: warmup
    Set 3: Working set 6 reps
    Set 4: 6 reps

    Incline, etc.

    Week 4 now we add +5-10% depending on how bold you are
    Set 1: warmup
    Set 2: warmup
    Set 3: +% 6 reps
    Set 4: +% 6 reps

    incline, etc etc.

    From week 4 onwards try to increase by 5-10lbs a week.
    This is a simple procedure. Dial it down a notch and build up your solid base. Then slowly increase the weights and drop your reps over a period of weeks. With my method we are increasing weight and dropping reps.

    Basic outline above, I can help you more and give a more detailed pathway if you are actually interested.
    MRSupps Muscle Research Athlete

  4. Youtube.(com)/watch?v=_QnwAoesJvQ
    Watch that and see results. Period.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Blacho45 View Post
    Watch that and see results. Period.
    Very True. Dave Tate is a great coach.
    MRSupps Muscle Research Athlete

  6. Solid advice from this crowd. I was taught to bench with an open grip and have continued to do so for the past 30+ years. If you train with partners as you should especially when doing any of the power lifting exercises you may want to do negatives for your bench once per month to provide additional stimulation for strength and growth. Read up on the technique and safety precautions before trying.


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