Post Exercise Routine

  1. Post Exercise Routine

    I've been researching different methods of increasing muscle recovery immediately prior to weight training. Stretching, saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, cold tubs, or alternating between hot and cold. (contrast bath therapy) I'll read one article saying nothing but positive comments on a certain method then the next article bashes it. I want to increase the rate and timing of my recovery so I can hit the weights harder and get back in the gym faster without over training! What are your guys thoughts and experiences? Thanks guys!!

  2. Conditioning and correct programming. Don't over do it. Don't take lifts to failure, don't do excessive negative work.


  3. AAS but it won't help your CNS you're pretty much stuck with being patient or risk overtraining yoself
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  4. Yeah, as of now there really aren't any ways to let your CNS recover faster, so it is the limiting reagent. The only benefit I can see to speeding up your muscles' recovery time is to lessen/eliminate any soreness/stiffness.


  5. I'm curious about this issue as well. My conditioning coach really stresses the use of foam rollers pre and post workout. What are your thoughts on those?

  6. I'm in for some feedback

  7. Quote Originally Posted by 1 More Repp View Post
    I'm curious about this issue as well. My conditioning coach really stresses the use of foam rollers pre and post workout. What are your thoughts on those?
    Highly suggested

  8. BCAAs, multiple sets of stretching, but those are muscular. The CNS will always be what limits us and a systematic deload is something that every person should have. I also recommend what I call technique weeks, which is similar to the dynamic method. Using 60-70% of 1RM (load depends on the level of the athlete) and either some chains or bands (mini or monster mini), do 4-6 sets of singles with either your weakest grip or bar that you struggle with the most.

    For example, I suck off the chest on bench, so I go slightly wider with my grip and focus on the initial 6" off the chest and try to really engage the lats and drive myself into the bench.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  9. Here is what I do for recovery/restoration: 1. SLEEP!
    2. Self Myofascial Release using foam rollers, a lacrosse ball, or Thera Cane.
    3. Contrast showers
    4. Light electric stim following ingestion of an Amino/carb drink.
    5. Bathing in Epsom salts
    6. Meditation
    7. Light progressive stretching
    8. Mobility/agility work
    9. Massage
    10. Ice massage with a Cryo Cup
    As Red has already stated, programming and conditioning are paramount to successful training and effective recovery. While these techniques can greatly enhance recovery and allow you to push harder at times, nothing can replace programming, diet, and rest. (With exception of sleep these are not in order of importance)


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