10-12 rep range

  1. 10-12 rep range

    I used to do about five to eight reps for everything and i have recently kickedit up to 10-12 per set on account of n article i found in one of my old FLEX's. I have been getting hella pumps off of just 225 for 10 on bench i did it three times and my chest was so dead, after some flys and db presses my chest aches so bad. anyone else get good hypertrophy gains off of these reps?


  2. Cool

    LOL Flex..

    Of course you achieved good pumps, your body wasn't use to it. Henceforth it was something new and your body wasn't used to it, so naturally it would be "shocked."

  3. I always aim for 8-10 reps. When I go past 10 easily on my last set, it's time to add weight. 5-6 reps is great for strength, but I was never able to gain size on anything under 8 reps. 9-10 has proven best for me.

  4. Im an advocate of high reps. Started doing it very recently. I stay in thte 14-8 rep range almost exclusively or as best as i can(sometimes its impossible for me to stay in with short rests). I rest 2 minutes between compounds, 1 minute between isolations and 1 1/2 minutes between excercise changes, and usually do a couple of warmups that are just going through the motions(not anything close to heavy or anyting) and about a minute and half between those.

  5. Yeah I also agree with the 8-12 reps as being ideal.  Anything below six never seemed to have enough time working the weight to get the right feel or to feel like I exhausted the muscle.  What I have been doing a lot of the last month or so was a decent amount of supersetting.  Hitting the first rep range at 6-8 seemed to be enough to hit the stronger muscles then drop the weight or another exercize with atleast another 7 reps and I got a crazy pump and exhuasted muscle group.  Been pretty nice for some change and the increase in blood flow has the also seemed to help with the veins.



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