Poll: Best excercise for overall chest mass?

Best Overall Chest Development Excercise

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  1. Any good db supersets?

  2. How about some good ol DB pullovers.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by YellowJacket View Post
    Dude these polls are lame, why dont you just ask people what exercise they find best for chest mass?

  4. Old school all the way=dips
    Dips are underrated, and a great chest work out.

  5. I didn't read any of these before I posted. I'm just giving my opinion (probably shouldn't cause of the beer buzz). Anyway, I choose the flat db press because of the balancing/strecthing part. but i can push the hardest on a flat barbell press. That makes me think that because I can go really heavy that every muscle is trying its hardest and therefore I'm getting every little bit of recruitment going on, in every muscle involved. If everything is struggling every time, there should be some hypertrophy going on(in everything).

  6. Finish off your fly's with presses then hit as many dips as you can.
    Tri set them titties.

  7. Dips dips and more dips! Lol

    But I have plateued pretty hard recently and started incorporating rest-pauses and heavy negatives on my chest presses (incline and flat)... I have noticed a considerable difference since I started this 4 weeks ago! Chest feels and looks fuller... And I'm finally getting sore like I used to! Feels great... Just my opinion though

  8. I think your chest will only grow as much as your back will allow it to-However, flat/incline DB presses followed be 3 sets of incline push-ups to failure gave me good overall growth

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Superdoad View Post
    Finish off your fly's with presses then hit as many dips as you can.
    Tri set them titties.
    Sometimes I'll do presses right after flyes using the same poundage and I love it at the end of a chest workout (which is usually when I'm doing my flyes). After the point where you can't do any more flyes, you're still able to do some presses which means even though other muscles are coming into play now, the chest is still having to work as hard as it can.

    Great technique.

  10. like the sound of that one Type O... gonna give this a go next chest day... i think i've i've tried just about every combo/exercise out there for chest lol...


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