Poll: Best excercise for overall chest mass?

Best Overall Chest Development Excercise

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  1. I voted for the Incline Barbell but was wondering why flys were not included in the poll. Flys are awsome for the chest. I may have had a harder choice if that was included in the poll.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Beowulf
    its b/c people keep voting

  3. I love weighted dips and any DB press

  4. Agreed Weighted dips
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  5. weighted dips leaning forward keeping elbows out to isolate pecs and incline db presses w/ bench slightly inclined at various angles....add some cable crossovers at end of routine and modified flyes for a nice pec stretch..voila.


  6. I like Heavy dumbell flat press. If you keep your range of motion narrow on one set and slightly wider on another set you can pound your chest.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by perfect270
    I like Heavy dumbell flat press. If you keep your range of motion narrow on one set and slightly wider on another set you can pound your chest.
    I did that today actually on the Hammer strength machines....

    incline Db
    wide chest hammer strength
    and flat bench hammer strength
    followed by decline
    and weighted dips w/ 2 45s...

    Chest is still pumped, I feel like I got a good workout in

  8. In the book beyond brawn the author says that Dips are superior to the flat bb bench. I also read that Dorian Yates used incline dumbells as a staple chest exercise because he said it uses the bulk of the pec muscle.

  9. I like the Hammer Strength iso-lateral incline bench a lot. You use bi-lateral power to push actual weight plates. Even better, your hands almost toch at the top, so you get an awesome contraction. I love Hammer Strength for almost anything.

  10. i think cable flys should have been up there. i love em! and they love me too!

  11. Lately chest day is

    2 set Incline BB 6-8 rep
    2 set Incline DB 8-10 rep
    2 set Dip 10-12 rep
    2 set flat fly 10-12 rep

    8 sets of fiber ripping love.

  12. While its not one of my top 3 favorite lifts for chest, decline dumbell can be VERY usefull IMO.

  13. That's a very good link..Most of the knock on BB Bench is the lack of contraction, but the technique Milos uses the contraction is definitely there as well as the maximum range of the stretch..BB Bench

  14. In the old days pre 1970's dip were called the upper body squat by many trainees. Arthur Jones used to have his trainees do it.

  15. Dumbbell INCLINE is the best in my opinion!

  16. Bench press is the ultimate for growth

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Biggs
    By the way, was about halfway through my workout yesterday when these two skinny abercrombie brothers come struttin in and immediately proceed to begin cable crossovers with 40's per side... you should add this excellent mass builder Pjorstad, by no means should it ever be overlooked

    (I'd probably ex the poll and just ask for people's suggestions)
    hehehe. don't u just wish you could teach them a lesson.... if they say there's 2 of 'em and just one of you, just show them your guns and say "actually more like 3 of me and 2 of you". bwahahahaha

  18. Quote Originally Posted by CrAzyOttER
    i think cable flys should have been up there. i love em! and they love me too!

    see, i was gonna say that, gimme that extra pump

  19. I like Incline DB Press supersetted with flys.

  20. I didnt see decline press?? I feel this is the best overall chest exercise. The angle alone takes a lot of shoulder out of it and places the stress on the chest.

  21. Incline Dumbbell presses are excellent, pullovers are good as well i don't see that on there. And parallel bar dips aggrivate my one shoulder so i never got a good crack at them, i do use the hammer strength seated dip machine though and it's great for tri's. I've never seen the v-bar for dips though. Also flat dumbbell presses on a stability ball are KILLER, just started these lately and they give you and a larger range of motion, plus your abs get hit hard as well. You'll be pressing a little less than normal though.

  22. incline dumbell, and moderately heavy flyes.. are what i do for my chest workout. i refuse to use BB anymore. unless i need to change up my workout, and then i just do it for about two weeks or so... i find my shoulder give out, way too early with incline BB... plus i'm a solitary Bodybuilder... i can go heavy with dumbells and not worry about the bar falling on me..

  23. decline dumbell shows the highest EMG rating of muscle involvement. something like 93% flat barbell was 90, i think. all these guys saying incline, its the lowest chest muscle fibre recruiter.

  24. I do agree that decline will build your chest fast but i find that it can give your chest that droopy look if your not careful.


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