Lower reps?

  1. Lower reps?

    Who here uses lower reps? Like the 3-5 range?

  2. I am still a beginner, so I am probably wrong, but I usually do 8-10 reps for my normal workout, 5-6 reps for bulking, and 10-12 for cutting. (I haven't spent a lot of time cutting yet ) I try and rotate them every three weeks.

  3. I use 8-10 reps on most exercises, but my chest & delts respond better to lower reps, so I use 5-7 on pressing movements. I think anything less than 5 is basically strength-only training.

  4. of course it's wrong to call it strength only training, because last time i checked, many people who use only singles and doubles can still get frigging hyoooooge.

    however, lower reps (assuming concomitant longer rest periods) will definitely EMPHASIZE strength over size

  5. so what target area puts the best Emphasis on muscle growth? And is it different for men and women?

  6. generally speaking (GS)? 8-12 reps.

    GS, bbers should spend more time in that range. it does not therefore follow that they will not see reason to spend some time in lower rep ranges (rate coding, etc.), but GS if they want to emphasize hypertrophy (duh!), they will live in this rep range more frequently than a strength athlete
  7. Talking

    For strength on bench i use 3-5 rep sets, using competition
    form. (MetalMilitia bench program)I rarely go over 10 reps on chest or shoulders, of course
    i am going for strength not a pump.

    Legs i alternate between 20 rep sets for size and 1-3 rep squats to
    raise max strength. Also throw in some sled dragging
    for GPP.

    Personally i have found i need the change up (from low reps to high)every 4-6 weeks
    just to keep myself motivated and fresh in my workouts.

  8. Reps in the 1-5 range primarily cuase neural system recruiment pattern adaptations. They work wonders fro absolute strength but for MOST people size gains are MUCH less than when doing higher rep ranges. If your primary focus is BB you will do best to limit their use to be a small part of your program, not the core of it.

    Iron Addict

  9. I'm no expert but my chest, delts, and back do much much better with 4-6 rep range, and everything else grows better with 8-12.

  10. I like lower reps for excercises using a lot of different muscle groups. It
    definitely does emphasize the strength aspect more than size. This was
    what I wanted, until recent injuries have forced me to back off a little on going
    real heavy. I like to do one intense set around the 8-10 range and one
    intense set around the 3-6 range on most exercises to get both benefits anymore.

  11. Thanks everyone


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