One and a half reps

  1. One and a half reps

    Anyone performs one and a half reps? it is where you do one full rep followed by half rep for example on bench you would lower to chest, raise it half way up, then lower it back to chest, then back to full extension.

    I'm thinking of doing it for a 4 to 6 weeks cycle on bench and military press.

  2. i will do maybe 5 reps half way(from my chest then half way up) then 1 all the way up....helps me in my troubled area which is right there

  3. Mini reps (or half reps) are a really good way to mix up your workout. Mechanical work is a term that refers to the force output of the levers in your body. MW is the force, or weight, times distance. So, the more work you do per rep, (a full rep followed by a mini rep in this case) the more muscle you will build. As long as the mini reps don't fatigue you too much and prevent you from doing your normal number of reps, it's a great idea.

    Oh, and I really like doing these with pushups

  4. Musclemag has a writeup on static lifts supposedly great if u do it right like put more weight than u can bench in the squat rack mid rom and push as hard as u can for timed reps...

    Closer to the actual thread I like to do rack bench like the last 4-6 inches of a rep when my shoulders are too murdered for dips
    if only bc Big Ron is in my avatar

  5. I know half reps with neck presses (for chest) has worked wonders for my chest so far. Press the weight only far enough to feel the chest still doing most of the work. Once I feel like the triceps and shoulders are starting to take over, I stop the rep short. So it's mostly half reps. I've done incline presses forever but nothing hits my upper chest like neck presses. Since my upper chest has started to respond, my chest is starting to look so much fuller. Still have a long way to go, but neck presses are awesome!

    One-and-a-halfs may be a good way to change up intensity, but I wouldn't do them all the time.



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