Best of both worlds

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    cant remember the last time i would be sore for 2wks straight
    Eat more and sleep more.

  2. lost 2lbs this past weekend from drinking and no eating all night at U of I. never again. my hard work is not worth getting fcked up. stupid mistake. time to keep pushing harder. i already see a difference in my body, more toned especially my chest and shoulders.

  3. going to MEPS tomorrow. wish me luck guys

  4. Hello,
    If you want to be a Navy seal you're going to have to focus all your training for that goal. With the amount of endurance work they do, you don't need to worry about getting any bigger. You obviously need some strength, but you also need a ton of strength endurance and aerobic fitness.

  5. done with MEPS, now all i have to do is pass my PST and i get my contract. meeting with the seal coordinator next week

  6. wearedbleedblue, hows your workouts going


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