Shoulder Function

  1. Shoulder Function

    hey guys, i recently did well increasing my chest size to gain some weight but i think i might have overdone it a little because im starting to feel tightness in my throwing shoulder.. ive been throwing and it feels fine but still i know this isnt normal (God bless) i havent had problems with my arm yet..

    i wish i had a picture and if you like i can post if needed..

    lol sorry for the BS picture but right where the O is the center of it is where i feel lumps around the labrum, glenoid, and upper shoulder near clavical is also sore and lumpy?.. im starting to stretch alot more because obv its right because of my chest pulling on the shoulder.. and adding stress from benching heavy/db pressing heavy..

    however NO pain when throwing or w/e.. its just sore however i know how much wear and tear throwing can do.. also ive been doing laps in the pool and my shoulder actually feels better after swimming/stretching..

    i went to our trainer and was told my tendons are developed pretty well and with good stretching and laying off the chest so hard i can probably get healthy in no time..

    i know if i keep on lifting chest hard ill probably kill my rotator.. any advice?

    more info please let me know ill put up w/e.. just thought id share my concerns with some knowledgable people..

  2. Overactive chest muscles and internal rotators of the humerus joint causes a variety of conditions and imbalances - internal humerus rotation and protracted shoulders to name a few. Sports players, particularly when throwing is involved, often are more prone to the condition from overuse of the chest and shoulder muscles in throwing. It's likely your internal rotators of the humerus are overpowering your external rotators (rhomboids, infraspinatus, teres minor, trapeziums (lower/middle), and subscapularis.

    Here are two good articles on the condition:!

    Read those.
    Former Marine, UT-BSN, NSCA-CPT, NASM-CPT, CSCS

  3. thank ya bruh

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