Middle Aged dude with trashed Tri's - Help

  1. Middle Aged dude with trashed Tri's - Help

    At the elbow - Feels like razor blades.

    Can't do skull crushers or even rope push downs anymore. Tri's are trashed from 20+ years of bodybuilding. TRASHED.

    Dips are manageable, close bar push downs are OK if I limit the range of motion, kick backs hurt badly.

    BESIDES very close grip bench presse which I've never gotten anything out of despite alterations and dedication for long periods of time, what do I have left??

    My Tri's are one of my best attributes so this is depressing!

  2. After determining you haven`t damaged anything(MRI, etc), try Cissus. It works wonders. But as I said, see a Dr and find out what the issue is. Tendon damage? Nerve damage? Hyperextention? Or any number of other issues.

  3. Been on Cissus for years

    Bilateral and simply a result of over-use (damage)

    I'm a believer in heavy weights = growth; although over the years I've backed off.

    Ive been very fortuante as I'vfe dodged any other chronic injuries from years of bb'ing.

  4. What about seated triceps cable extensions? I find those put much less stress on the elbows than traditional pressdowns. Might just be me though

  5. Well, I'll try 'em

    Running out of options

  6. I get left elbow pain from skull crushers.

    close-grip decline bench is working pretty good for my tri's. I use lighter weight and concentrate on tri contraction.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Whacked View Post
    I'm a believer in heavy weights = growth; although over the years I've backed off.
    Time to change beliefs bro. It is inevitable that it happens to us all - just a matter of time...

    Recently took some cues from DC style training. Dropped the weight, frequency, and volume and upped the intensity by really slowing down the eccentric portions of exercises. It the negatives that promote tendon strength. Overall progress has been just as good; shoulders and elbows are rarely sore.

  8. ok - will give it a try. Thanks for the help

  9. aye bro idk how much it will help but u could use elbow sleves from elitefts (heavy version) that allows me to work thru alot of bicep soreness and elbow pain. and you can also try to order the monster mini bands as it gives u a tremendous pump when i double choke it on the power rack and do pulldowns that also give my elbows a break from teh stress of tricep movements.. SO just try to that hope it helps the bands like 7 bucks... also try there blue heat to loosen up ur joints and ligaments... and i dont work for them there products work and there normal shipping gets it to ur house in 2-3 buisness days

  10. Thanks

  11. I know what your saying. Studies has shown when you train with bars 2"inches in diameter it takes tremendous pressure of your elbows and also shoulders. I use a new product called Grip4orce it can be put on any bar or dumbbell giving it the 2"inch diameter. Also the most important thing when training with these thicker bars is squeezing which allows you to strengthen not only your main muscles but also your tendons and ligaments. I also used to have jacked up elbows but now when I train with these grips they have taken away 90% of the pain away in my elbows and shoulders. For $35.00 it beats going to the doctor.

  12. Tried those..not the same.


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