am often asked how the hell someone can afford some of the pricier supplements and how a person can swallow so damn many capsules a day. Well if you make good money and don't mind a bunch gel caps going down the gullet, it's no problem. Now for cheap bastards like me, there is a better solution. Most supps can be bought in powder form in bulk. This is WAY, WAY cheaper than pre-capped product. The problem then becomes how the hell do you know how much to take. My solution is a grain scale that I use for reloading rifle/pistol cartridges and powder scoops available from Lee Precision

Once you try the various size scoops and find what dose they hold you never have to weigh again. Just scoop into your bulk powder and throw the dose in your mouth, into a gel cap, or for real economy wrapped in a small bit of tissue paper. Most powders go down well enough just tossed on the tongue and chased with something to drink. DON'T try this with ALA---WOW!!!!!!!!! Only have to try that once.

Iron Addict