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  1. Yeah I too deffinitly want to get the lower part of my bicep to stickout more! Same with my lower tricep, I feel like with a shirt on my arms don't look too big but shirt off you can tell I workout. I'm gonna start doing more hammer curls, reverse grip curls. Hopefully it will help

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    I want to get the outside part of my muscle the part that i think is called the biceps brachii (i may be mistaken) bigger and more showwy thru my shirts what do u guys recommend for building up that sucker? (when built it looks like an extra hump on the outside of ut arm in between bicep and tricep [please advise if i got the name wrong]) also i really want to get more pronounced traps and im already doing barbell shrugs anything u guys would recommend for that would also be very helpful
    Grips may make a difference, but I'll explain what truthfully makes the difference. Typically when you do a close grip you push/hold the weight with the thumb/index finger side of your hand, which has an effect throughout that side of your forearm and bicep being used in the excise. Doing wide grip typically has you push/hold the weight on the pinky finger side of your hand and works out the inside forearm and bicep. Using the priority principle doing something closegrip to warm up the outerpart of your arm, and then do your usual heavy exercise (barbell or dumb bell for most) and then your extras. Your tricep on the outside is most likely going to need some extra if you want to bring that area out, I like using cables and bands with inviduals I train to help isolate that part of the tricep. A really good excercise for that would be to stand straight out from a high cable with your side facing it. Grab the cable with the side facing away and stand arms length away, now pull the weight across your body (the cable should be going across somewhere around your neck/shoulder) lock your arm comfortablly straight out from your shoulder (parallel or close to parallel to the floor), and flex your tricep pull the handle down and across at the same time, will hit the side of your arm right next to the brachii a part where many individuals have never been sore.

    And for traps, I suggest never taking advice from people with naturally big traps first off. And if you have small traps you need to make sure you work out the rear part as much as the top, and shrugs do not hit the whole thing. I suggest looking up as many trap excercises as possible, and making sure you hit your traps different ways. Heavy smith machine shrugs and ultra light bent over trap pinches are a good staple to start every other week, dumbbell shrugs and a high/wide grip on a row machine to pinch the rear traps are a good alternate.

    Hopes this helps for you and a lot of the others seriously inquiring for the same subjects.

  3. deadlifts

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Your age will actually help you to grow since you're test levels are very, very high. Squats are the king of all exercises. There's nothing glorious about them and having a big squat takes lots of dedication and sweat. As far as actual scientific reasoning, there really is nothing that can be directly applied to it, but it's just how it is.
    Just from what i have read and noticed in the gym, there is a reason you get bigger and stronger from doing heavy squats. Since heavy spuats and dead lifts trigger the max release of hormones i.e. test and gh, your entire body has no choice but to grow. From personal exp. doing curls of any sort after deads or squuats will always spur more growth than doing them before or on different days.
    It's easy, just lift heavy!

  5. For traps and general delt development, try single arm dumbbell snatch. Your medial delts and traps will grow very fast and your strength and explosive power will increase greatly too.
    It's easy, just lift heavy!

  6. you want bigger biceps, do reverse grip pull ups
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  7. 4x10 cheat curls
    4x10 incline
    4x12 hammer (if you do one arm at a time choose weight where you will fail @6)
    4x12 iso curls
    3x20 rope curls (speed)

    Intensity - High enough you want to die at the end of set 4

  8. Biggest improvement I've made to my bicep peak has been... Lower bodyfat %


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