Complex Training? M&F Article, anybody have experience?

  1. Complex Training? M&F Article, anybody have experience?

    Just read an article in muscle and fitness, "The Strength and Power Complex"(June 2009) and was wondering if anybody had tried this? I'm not talking about the benefits of an entire program that mixes heavy sets with explosive, light sets, but I'm curious if the immediate effects are possible?
    They gave a few examples of studies done, like an increase in max weight bench press 5 minutes after an explosive, lightweight set. Also, they talked about increased sprint speed 5 minutes after doing a set of heavy squats.
    Seems interesting, I'm looking forward to trying it out but i don't want to get tested for 40 and blow because i just did a set of heavy squats...
    Any thoughts? i've heard mixed reviews on muscle and fitness, want your opinion.

  2. talked to one of my strength coaches, he did a paper on it for his masters. It's scientifically known as "Potentiation". Pretty interesting stuff if anybody is interested. recruits muscle fibers with the first exercise, and utilizes them for a noticeable increase in strength/speed for the second exercise. Have to time it right, though, or it's a waste of time with negative impact

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