time to cutt

  1. time to cutt

    my weight right now is 236 at 6 foot. picked up some extra bodyfat by not doing any cardio recently. fairly new to the bodybuilding scene. My question is how far in advance do i need to plan a cutting cycle in order to drop an extra 10-15 pounds of bodyfat, that is how long will it take to cut that much bodyfat while wanting to retain the precious muscle i am packing on right now over the winter. As i have read from other posts, get bigger now, then cut and be huge.......

    thanks in advance

  2. Depending on supplementation & diet, you could cut 10-15 lbs in a month. It would be smarter to spread it out over about 8 weeks though & drop it slowly. I will be cutting about 8lbs BF to get back to about 9% soon & figure to allow the whole month of April to do it.

  3. Catabolism becomes a problem for most people if you are losing more than about 2 lbs of FAT a week. If the diet and routine are structured right, you should be gaining strength the whole time the fat is coming off.

    Iron Addict

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