Best way to grow inner pectorals???

  1. Best way to grow inner pectorals???

    I have tried absolutely every workout program to develop my inner chest, but all have failed. I max out at 345 lbs. on bench, yet the inside of my chest is still nonexistent. I have done flyes till I got stretch marks, pec deck flyes, close grip bench, turned in dumbbell presses, etc. Nothing I do seems to work, any suggestions?

  2. hmmmm thats a good question. I tried this one on a smith machine its like u do a total of 10 reps and its like u push then spread ur hands wider then wider then start comming in closser to the middle into a close grip. Im sorry if it sounds funny I tried it I like them I don't do them too ofton but something to suggest that you have not mentioned. Say u bench 345 thats hella good whats ur arm routine look like if u dont mind me asking. Trying ot do some arm routines.

  3. the ol' "inner" pec talk. imma step out on a limb and say quit trying to work your "inner" pec due the fact it is one muscle. focus on pec training and you'll go further!

    stretch marks generally come from rapid muscle growth and not from massive range of motion from fly's. stick to the basics for putting on mass. good old presses is where i'd start

  4. dips......boom. thread done.....j/k
    Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general. -Rippetoe

  5. Flys worked rather well for "edging" out the top, bottom, and outsides of my chest, with deep, 3-5 sec pauses at the bottom. I didnt start noticing the inside "booming" in growth until I added in cable flyes(crossovers). Id hit a few sets all three ways(incline,decline, and std) and concentrate on a 3-5sec contraction at the top of the rep.

    Presses are second to none for mass/strength, but I believe deep @ss flyes and controlled crossovers are a great way to "shape" up and chisel out the chest.

  6. I do 5 sets of weighted dips every chest workout and 3 set of flyes, I'm still wondering what to do...

  7. The squeeze press from here

    theoretically targets it

  8. thats a good read!
    Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general. -Rippetoe

  9. Quote Originally Posted by thaOrleanyte View Post
    dips......boom. thread done.....j/k
    yep dips u want a deep ass ridge dips and weightd 1s 2

    this 2

    Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    The squeeze press from here

    theoretically targets it

  10. Quote Originally Posted by tshaw024 View Post
    I do 5 sets of weighted dips every chest workout and 3 set of flyes, I'm still wondering what to do...
    3 sets of incline, decline, and reg. flyes?

    Dips deep as hell also help, but im 6' 3' with long arms and dips feel rather awkward for me weighted. So ill hit them with bodyweight,.. and do weighted bench dips, as well as the 9 sets of flyes.(3 sets for all three ways). I have a few more weeks of DC, then im back to my traditional split for a while, and Ive found high volume for chest works best for me.

  11. There have been a ton of great suggestions already. Another simple one is : Push Ups!
    You can really experiment with different arms placements and inclines to hit the area you want. Diamond Pushups (Form a diamond with your index and thumb directly under you) hit the inner chest really well. Elevate your feet and go wide with your arms to target the upper-inner portion.

    Also, elevating one arm on a stack of plates and pushing with the other arm will hit the inner portion as well. Keep your arm on the plate static with only a slight bend, so you do the push up at at angle towards the ground. (I hope that makes sense)

    One arm push ups are also increadibly challenging-especially at an incline.

    Just do as many as possible and don't count reps. You can do this seperate from your chest workout or at the start/end of your workout.

  12. It is impossible to target an 'inner' portion. Pectoralis Major muscle fibers run medially to laterally, and it is impossible to fire a portion of a fiber at its origin. If you do not have much cleavage, then either your pecs are not fully developed or you need to drop body fat.

  13. close grip pushups and once you reach the top of the push up give it a littel extra added push and you will feel your pecs squezzing together..worked for closing my gap

  14. incline fly and cable. Fortunately, my gym has incline fly machine. I do a lot of interval and slow motion on bench press. My chest could hold an egg but my goal for three months is to break it.


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